Security Products Magazine Digital Edition - October 2016

October 2016

  • Wake Up!
  • The Big Opportunity
  • On Cruise Control
  • Verification is Key
  • Nothing to Mess With


Wake Up!

Everything is about to change in multi-sensor cameras

By Tom Cook

Megapixel technology has been a tremendously disruptive force in the security industry, as the superior image quality made possible by high-resolution imaging has led to increased capabilities and effectiveness of video surveillance.

On Cruise Control

On Cruise Control

Rydell Automotive Group implements a full tank of network cameras to drive away fraud and keep their engines revving

By Karl Radke

Standing as the corporate headquarters for the Rydell Automotive Group in Grand Forks, N.D., the Rydell Auto Center is comprised of a multi-site campus with departments varying from sales centers to a body shop and carwash.

Verification is Key

Verification is Key

Access control is more than the first line of defense

By Robert Laughlin

With the continually expanding integration between video surveillance, access control and other business systems of all types, security now plays an important role in nearly every aspect of business and operations.

The Top 3 Trends

The Top 3 Trends

Cloud security faces its own security issues

By Paul Fletcher

Cloud environments give companies a cost-effective, easy-to-use data store solution. In fact, analysts predict that cloud spending will cross a $200 billion tipping point in 2016.

The Big Opportunity

The Big Opportunity

Making the case for access control

By Isac Tabib

Let’s face it. Times are changing—and rapidly. It is all around us. We now have cars that drive and park themselves, pilotless aircraft that take off, fly and even land on a moving aircraft carrier, smartphones with countless apps that can do practically anything and so much more.

Nothing To Mess With

Rebuilding security for Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission after Hurricane Sandy devastation

By Viktoriya Vudmaska

PVSC has a stated mission of enhancing the viability and environmental health and security of 1.4 million residents in 48 municipalities, an important task that requires maximum security and the ability to surveil operations at all times.


Taking It Up a Grade

Industry Vertical

Taking It Up a Grade

Joint effort at Chaffey Joint Union High School District means safer, more efficient electronic locks

By Tim Moreno

An increase in threats and incidents on school and college campuses nationwide has resulted in education leaders focusing on the continuous improvement of security.

Industry Focus

Taking Chance at School

By Ralph C. Jensen

There are very few movies that I enjoy watching, and even saying that I have to admit that the movies I enjoy most are those that are real, or have a realistic plot to them. Though I admit that Forrest Gump is my favorite flick, and there is nothing true about that movie.

Government Security

Making a Federal Case

Making a Federal Case

Secure communications tend to have a longer than usual life span

By Bill Hartwell

Communication has changed a lot in the last 10 years. With the landscape shifting every day, it is inevitable that more changes are on the way.

Crunch Time

Crunch Time

Vehicular access is crucial part of security systems

By Greg Hamm

From embassies and federal courthouses to transportation hubs and military bases, a wide variety of government agencies protect themselves from errant drivers and truck bomb threats with barriers, bollards, barricades and crash gates.

Go With the Flow

How GRB airport uses video analytics to detect reverse flow on the concourse

By Karl Radke

You’ve seen it happen before. Passengers are deplaning and straggling down the exit corridor. Suddenly one of them reverses direction. Is he simply going back to retrieve a forgotten cellphone? Or, are his intentions more sinister?


New Products

  • Videoloft Cloud Video Surveillance VSaaS Solution

    Videoloft Cloud Video Surveillance VSaaS Solution

    Videoloft focuses on transforming traditional professional surveillance systems into cloud connected solutions via the Videoloft Cloud Adapter. 3

  • XS4 Original+

    XS4 Original+

    The SALTO XS4 Original+ design is based on the same proven housing and mechanical mechanisms of the XS4 Original. The XS4 Original+, however, is embedded with SALTO’s BLUEnet real-time functionality and SVN-Flex capability that enables SALTO stand-alone smart XS4 Original+ locks to update user credentials directly at the door. Compatible with the array of SALTO platform solutions including SALTO Space data-on-card, SALTO KS Keys as a Service cloud-based access solution, and SALTO’s JustIn Mobile technology for digital keys. The XS4 Original+ also includes RFID Mifare DESFire, Bluetooth LE and NFC technology functionality. 3

  • QCS7230 System-on-Chip (SoC)

    QCS7230 System-on-Chip (SoC)

    The latest Qualcomm® Vision Intelligence Platform offers next-generation smart camera IoT solutions to improve safety and security across enterprises, cities and spaces. The Vision Intelligence Platform was expanded in March 2022 with the introduction of the QCS7230 System-on-Chip (SoC), which delivers superior artificial intelligence (AI) inferencing at the edge. 3