Security Today Magazine Digital Edition - April 2017

April 2017

  • Betting on Video
  • Profitability Strains
  • Educating End Users
  • Being Bold
  • Five Senses of Security


Profitability Strains

Profitability Strains

RFID can address shrinking inventories

By Michael Guiher

For most retailers, wholesalers and distributors, the space to store inventory is the largest, yet single cost of doing business.

On the Beach Front

Good security improves relationship with club members

By Arie Melamed

Bel-Air Bay Club, an exclusive club that includes a beachfront facility, sought an accurate, effective identity management solution that would replace its previous system.

On the Fence

Why IP video is more relevant for border surveillance; open architecture opens the way

By John Merlino

The total cost of ownership for non-adaptive DVR and analog solutions often surprises end users.

Strengthening Security with Integrated Systems

Strengthening Security with Integrated Systems

Exploring the capabilities of integration

By Brian Wiser

The security industry is dynamic and ever-changing. Technological advancements continually enhance the quality of the video surveillance images we see and the data we glean from them.

Betting on Video

What you should know about video surveillance storage in Casinos

By Brandon Reich

It can’t be argued: Video surveillance is a mission-critical system in the gaming sector. Casinos leverage video technology to stay vigilant against a wide variety of risks, such as fraud, crowding, loss and other issues that impact the safety of employees and customers.

On the Horizon

On the Horizon

Covering the length of the border

By Robert P. Mitchell

With new border security initiatives on the horizon it will take an innovative approach to provide a higher level of detection.

Ensuring Safe Environments

Visible controls help assure confidence in safety and security of medical facilities

By Bryan Sanderford

People usually think of doors as a means of keeping someone out, or alternately, keeping someone in. Doors provide privacy and, when locked, a level of security that is both simple and effective

Being Bold

Being Bold

Redefining the role of commercial security providers

By Tiffany Coles, Tori Martinez

Interface Security Systems (ISS) is a cloud-based managed security services provider. The company integrates network and security needs into one platform, with the goal of being a singlevendor source for their customer’s needs.

Educating End Users

Underquoting a system will cause nightmares for everyone

By Scott Seraboff

As a provider of storage for video surveillance systems, the hardest part of my job is educating end-users, integrators and consultants on the best way to purchase storage for their systems.

A Virtual Gateway

The beginning of the first ‘Smart Cities’ in the Greater Houston area

By Mark H. Friday

Three years ago, Shrader Engineering had the privilege of designing one of the most unique security concepts in the region for the city of Sugar Land, Texas, Police Department. The security system forms a “virtual gateway” throughout the city.

Getting The Most

Getting The Most

Advanced VMS helps protect the city

By Ken LaMarca

The large geographical area and variety of locations and assets to protect make municipal video surveillance particularly challenging.


Going Mobile

Industry Vertical

Going Mobile

By Julian Lovelock

Security threats are growing at the same time that users are demanding the ability to confidently connect to and use more applications, on the go, than ever before, with a single, trusted ID that can be carried on a smart device.

Industry Professional

Today’s Focus

Convergence and collaboration will lead to safer, smarter cities

By Kevin Wine

Safe City initiatives are one of the best ways to build an efficient, proactive security posture that strives to enhance safety and propel increased collaboration between city officials, security leaders, law enforcement and first responders.

Industry Focus

Seriously Cybersecurity Insurance

By Ralph C. Jensen

The thought of a network or individual cameras getting hacked brought cybersecurity into the security picture pretty quickly. Cyber questions also arise when discussing cameras being manufactured in China.

Dealer Strategies

Stay Focused

Price system says to consider most profitable services

By Kevin Lehan

In free-enterprise systems, common economic theory dictates that business resources—meaning time, money and labor— should be allocated in the manner that obtains maximum profits.

Building Value Into RMR

Grow your profits while creating happy customers

By Chris Soda

Over the last several years, the security industry has seen the range of recurring monthly revenue (RMR) grow by a great deal.

All In The Family

All In The Family

From lamination to multi-layer authentication, the Schonzeit family has set the bar as both innovators and trusted authorities in the security industry

By Monique Merhige

Located in the heart of New York City, Idesco Corp. and IDSecurityOnline. com LLC, offer a physical presence in Manhattan that stock inventory, maintain a staff of trained technicians and have a showroom open to the public to educate and inform customers as well as perform free on site security consultations.

Ask Every Question

Security Dealers should ask questions when selecting a monitoring company

By Jim McMullen

Dealers and systems integrators who specialize in selling alarm equipment know that once the sale is made, the transaction may be complete, but the customer relationship is just beginning.

The Smart Devices

Identifying security systems, devices that will play in future applications

By Jay Darfler

A study commissioned by Intel found that roughly 16 percent of Americans now own at least one smart home device, but nearly 70 percent of those surveyed believe smart homes will be as commonplace as smartphones in the next 10 years.


New Products

  • EasyGate SPT and SPD

    EasyGate SPT SPD

    Security solutions do not have to be ordinary, let alone unattractive. Having renewed their best-selling speed gates, Cominfo has once again demonstrated their Art of Security philosophy in practice — and confirmed their position as an industry-leading manufacturers of premium speed gates and turnstiles. 3

  • FEP GameChanger

    FEP GameChanger

    Paige Datacom Solutions Introduces Important and Innovative Cabling Products GameChanger Cable, a proven and patented solution that significantly exceeds the reach of traditional category cable will now have a FEP/FEP construction. 3

  • A8V MIND

    A8V MIND

    Hexagon’s Geosystems presents a portable version of its Accur8vision detection system. A rugged all-in-one solution, the A8V MIND (Mobile Intrusion Detection) is designed to provide flexible protection of critical outdoor infrastructure and objects. Hexagon’s Accur8vision is a volumetric detection system that employs LiDAR technology to safeguard entire areas. Whenever it detects movement in a specified zone, it automatically differentiates a threat from a nonthreat, and immediately notifies security staff if necessary. Person detection is carried out within a radius of 80 meters from this device. Connected remotely via a portable computer device, it enables remote surveillance and does not depend on security staff patrolling the area. 3