Security Today Magazine Digital Edition - September 2017

September 2017

  • Hacked Off
  • Secure Assets
  • A Redesign in Surveillance
  • Landing the Proper Security
  • A Dirty Bomb


In the Clouds

In the Clouds

How big is too big; the sky is the limit

By Jeffery Perri

Cloud solutions are changing the way businesses operate at almost every level. Their ease of implementation, access from anywhere and cost-effective pricing are making them the preferred solution for everything from marketing platforms to payroll administration to project management.

Landing the Proper Security

Landing the Proper Security

The airport perimeter: Preventing threats from the outside in

By John Distelzweig

Events in recent history concerning attacks on transportation hubs have increased the importance of safeguarding airports around the world and further highlighted the need for accurate, reliable and smart security systems to protect aviation assets.

Cash in Hand

Cash in Hand

Three ways to protect off-premises ATMs

By Daniel Caggiula

If your bank, credit union or non-bank organization operates ATMs in remote locations, such as convenience stores or shopping malls, a bank heist that occurred in Japan last year probably caught your attention.

Why Your VMS Matters

Interest in hemispheric cameras is a result of saving money

By Bret McGowan

As a security professional, how many times have you had to explain why a PTZ camera should always be paired with at least one fixed camera to provide constant “back-up” coverage of everywhere the PTZ is not looking?

Hacked Off

Hacked Off

7 ways to protect security cameras from hackers

By Tom Galvin

While our industry is fairly good at anticipating and reacting to new physical security threats, we’ve been very slow to react to the clear and present danger from cybersecurity attacks.

A Redesign in Surveillance

A Redesign in Surveillance

Illinois elementary district upgrades to IP system

By Jeff Whitney

The Ottawa Elementary School District is in Ottawa, Illinois, a river town 80 miles southwest of Chicago. In the spring of 2015, a variety of issues caused the schools’ administration to determine that they needed a surveillance system upgrade.

All by Myself

All by Myself

What the rise in DIY means for security and home automation

By Steve Connor

The DIY systems that are emerging today are the next logical step for the growth of the security industry. The key to their success will be making these systems easier to install and easier to use.

A Dirty Bomb

A Dirty Bomb

How to protect citizens while participating at large events

By Scott Masiella

In big cities and even in smaller communities, the threat of radiation is real. The consequences of a “dirty bomb” explosion could be significant, for the crowd at the venue and for communities miles beyond.

Secure Assets

Secure Assets

Chilean Coca-Cola bottling location upgrades to IP video to secure assets, improve operations

By Courtney Pedersen

Andina chose a Milestone system that allows video to be recorded and viewed by authorized users from anywhere on the network, and brings centralized control of multiple sites. This capability helps the company reduce the need for duplicate staff or equipment in each location, with potential savings of thousands of dollars in salaries and equipment costs.

In the Palm of Your Hand

In the Palm of Your Hand

Mobile technology helps secure the future of security

By Brad McMullen

The security industry has seen rapid growth in the use of apps to enable security solutions. For every customer need, there is a budding idea for a mobile solution.

Getting Access

Getting Access

Best practices for multi-tenant buildings and facilities

By Bruce Czerwinski

Multi-tenant buildings present security challenges not found in single-user facilities. Tenants may come and go at different times. The numbers and types of visitors needing access will vary, and then there are differences between commercial and residential multi-tenant buildings.

Green Airport Cameras

Green Airport Cameras

The real process in environmental technology is happening inside the terminals

By Anthony Incorvati

The environmental impact of air travel is no secret. While designing more fuel-efficient aircraft and other conservation measures to reduce CO2 emission are on the drawing boards, the real progress is happening in the greening of airport terminals around the country.

High Assurance Credentialing

High Assurance Credentialing

Moving to higher ground within the commercial enterprise space

By Gerald Hubbard

Recent cyberattacks highlight the need to know who you are interacting with in email and online activities, and who you grant access to your networks and physical facilities.


Industry Focus

Blue Book for Success

By Ralph C. Jensen

Anixter has a Blue Book that serves as a corporate bible; Pat Comunale, president of Anixter’s global security solutions, believes in the book from the first page on, and it would seem the Blue Book is, as he notes, second to none.

Industry Professional

A Demand in Turnstiles

Making sure lobby staff, security team are more efficient

By Mike McGovern

Why the recent increase in turnstile demand? Some of the reasons are the aging post-9/11 turnstile systems (15+ years), concerns over violence and terrorism, and tenants’ expectation of secure entrances in property management buildings.

Gas Monkey Security

Industry Vertical

Gas Monkey Security

Dallas hot rod mechanic wants security systems to take care of themselves

By Ralph C. Jensen

Richard Rawlings is the kind of guy that keeps track of everything in his shop, and when his Gas Monkey Garage started booming, an up-to-date security system was critical.

Dealer Strategies

Growing an Idea

By Ralph C. Jensen

I have a great job. I’ve met many wonderful people in the past 20 or so years, and when we started Dealer Strategies, it gave me the opportunity to go one on one with company CEOs and some of their staff.

Turn to New Profits

Dealers, integrators can turn to security entrances for more money

By Greg Schreiber

As a security integrator, you’re used to having a predictable revenue model selling security hardware and software to end users.

Successful Leadership

Successful Leadership

By Ralph C. Jensen

Putting together the proper leadership team may be an overwhelming task. It has to be created carefully and properly, and it has to work to be successful.

Weighing Success

It sounds like a contradiction, but success would be easy if all it took was hard work

By Robert Ogle

Effort means a lot, of course, since it’s hard to find anyone who turned a profit by being lazy. But for security companies, especially smaller integrators who are trying to compete with gigantic competitors, it’s not enough just to work harder than the other guys.

Selecting the Right Pair

Making the most of copper twisted-pair recommendations

When it comes to choosing cabling infrastructure for security, it is essential to work with a distribution partner that can provide the right education, training and products for your project needs.


New Products

  • Camden CV-7600 High Security Card Readers

    Camden CV-7600 High Security Card Readers

    Camden Door Controls has relaunched its CV-7600 card readers in response to growing market demand for a more secure alternative to standard proximity credentials that can be easily cloned. CV-7600 readers support MIFARE DESFire EV1 & EV2 encryption technology credentials, making them virtually clone-proof and highly secure. 3

  • Camden CM-221 Series Switches

    Camden CM-221 Series Switches

    Camden Door Controls is pleased to announce that, in response to soaring customer demand, it has expanded its range of ValueWave™ no-touch switches to include a narrow (slimline) version with manual override. This override button is designed to provide additional assurance that the request to exit switch will open a door, even if the no-touch sensor fails to operate. This new slimline switch also features a heavy gauge stainless steel faceplate, a red/green illuminated light ring, and is IP65 rated, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use as part of an automatic door or access control system. ValueWave™ no-touch switches are designed for easy installation and trouble-free service in high traffic applications. In addition to this narrow version, the CM-221 & CM-222 Series switches are available in a range of other models with single and double gang heavy-gauge stainless steel faceplates and include illuminated light rings. 3

  • FEP GameChanger

    FEP GameChanger

    Paige Datacom Solutions Introduces Important and Innovative Cabling Products GameChanger Cable, a proven and patented solution that significantly exceeds the reach of traditional category cable will now have a FEP/FEP construction. 3