Security Today Magazine Digital Edition - December 2017

December 2017

  • The Formula for Data Security
  • The Direction of VMS Technology
  • What's Trending for 2018
  • Moving the Discussion Forward
  • New Product of the Year Winners


What’s Trending for 2018

What’s Trending for 2018

And will it be good your business . . . or not?

By Fredrik Nilsson

Technology is perpetual motion personified. It is always marching forward, striving to become smarter, faster, more resilient, and more efficient than its predecessor.

The Direction of VMS Technology

VMS technologies have come a long way over the past five years

By Brian Carle

Some of the industry trends which have affected technology and deployment design include a dramatic cost reduction in entry level NVRs and cameras.

The Formula for Data Security

Data centers across United States implement integrated security solution for protection of customer assets

By Ellie Randall

Because Involta houses an organization’s most critical equipment and disseminates highly sensitive data, their facilities required a layered approach to their security solution—including access control, video surveillance, wireless locks and more—to ensure access is granted only to the appropriate person.

The New Era

The New Era

Thermal security cameras have become affordable

By John Distelzweig

As video manufacturers have been driven to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, high-end surveillance technologies have become accessible to a much broader customer base. One technology of note is thermal imaging.


Festive Security

Industry Professional

Festive Security

How a California city protects attendees from potential vehicle attacks

By Greg Hamm

The 300,000 person Fremont Festival of the Arts, one of the largest street festivals west of the Mississippi River and toted as California’s premiere art, wine and music festival, is no small undertaking. The threat of an attack is a real possibility.

Industry Focus

Crisis on the Sabbath Day

By Ralph C. Jensen

Should more parishioners carry guns in church? Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says yes, because as he sees it: “This is going to happen again.”

Moving the Discussion Forward

Industry Vertical

Moving the Discussion Forward

Cloud services shift is really happening

By Christian Morin

Only a few years ago, the inevitable shift to all things Cloud was met with guarded optimism. But today, the shift is really happening.

  • Securing Entertainment Venues Securing Entertainment Venues

    One thing entertainment venues, sports stadiums and theme park officials want to accomplish is getting people back into their seats. That is happening today—but not without understanding and technology. In this episode, AJ DeRosa shares his insight on how COVID-impacted businesses are able to face safety and security issues with confidence and technology. We also discuss visitor expectations and how venue officials can ensure their space is secure as they welcome visitors back.

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