Security Today Magazine Digital Edition - March 2018

March 2018

  • The Changing Landscape
  • Booking an Upgrade
  • Archiving Security
  • The Best Bet
  • Eliminating Fraud


Poised for Expansion

Poised for Expansion

Biometrics ready for adoption by all security users

By Mark Clifton

Most of us are using biometric technology in some way, shape or form whether that is at work or in our personal lives. If you are not yet using it, you will be soon.

Going All Out

Going All Out

Knowing when to go wireless and when to simply go with less wires

By Peter Boriskin

When we use the term “wireless” to look at access control technologies—or, truly, any security system—the reality is that we often use it as a catch-all term for the many technologies on the market that work in some way to wirelessly communicate with one another.

Security on a High Note

Security on a High Note

Musical instrument museum implement surveillance system upgrade with intelligent devices

By Sydny Shepard

The safety and security of visitors and staff and the protection of the Musical Instrument Museum's extensive collection is an essential aspect of fulfilling its mission. With an active facility during both day and evening hours, the museum sought to upgrade its outdoor security surveillance system to improve the quality of the images around the clock.

Eliminating Fraud

Biometrics is a true friend to time, attendance for employers

By Mohammed Murad

The challenge of accurately tracking who has worked, and for how long, has exasperated employers for centuries. It is easy to see why—payroll is the single largest cost for most businesses.

The New Age

The New Age

Advancing protection with IP technology integration

By Joe Morgan

Perimeter protection has been part of the human psyche since the dawn of mankind. Over the millennia we’ve evolved from crude barriers of sticks and rocks to fortified walls of concrete and stone to electrified fences and high-resolution surveillance cameras.

The Next Evolution

The Next Evolution

Video security posed for revolutionary technology to enter

By Shawn Guan

It is time to pay attention to Artificial Intelligence (AI). With Apple Siri, Google Assistant and now Amazon Echo, voice recognition AI interacts with users worldwide thousands of times a day.

The Changing Landscape

The Obsolescence of clock and data, and Wiegand

By Roscoe Coffman

The security landscape is constantly evolving with new products and technologies. With the introduction of these new and improved technologies, it is inevitable that products which have existed within the industry for years may no longer be the go-to choice when it comes to selecting system equipment.

Archiving Security

Archiving Security

When moving to a new headquarters four times larger, the School of Information and Communication of the University of the Republic of Uruguay in Montevideo needed to implement a video surveillance system that provides high quality, reliability and accessibility

By Courtney Dillon Pedersen

The University wanted to implement a robust VMS with good video storage capacity that included alarms and notifications for motion detection or perimeter crossings in order to control potential external and, most importantly, internal theft.

The Best Bet

The Best Bet

The gaming industry looks at HD over coax

By Jennifer Hackenburg

The casino and hospitality industry includes hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues as well as gaming elements to entertain visitors and guests.

Booking an Upgrade

Booking an Upgrade

Farmington community library upgrades two locations

By Kim Rahfaldt

Farmington community library needed access control to restricted areas and employee entrances, video surveillance at the building perimeter, parking lots, restricted and common areas, and intrusion detection on all controlled doors.

Get Out of Our Space

Get Out of Our Space

Responding and mitigating the threat of drones in and around stadiums

By Logan Harris

Most people, when confronting a drone (Unmanned Air Vehicle/Unmanned Air System) operating in or around their area of responsibility in an unsafe manner, would like to bring it down immediately.

Lost in the Lumens

Taking stock of the ideal amount of light and brightness

By Kenneth White

Most of us can recall our elders offering the sage counsel of “moderation in all things.” It seems that dated phrase has become quite apropos once again especially as it applies to the discussion of the lumens needed in flashlights for law enforcement and security staff.

Updating Legacy Power Systems

Why you need to deploy the newest solutions for greater reliability in security and access control specifications

By Joseph M. Holland

It is exciting times for physical security today. Technology has advanced at breakneck speeds, quite significant for an industry that seemed to stand still for decades.

Getting a Kick out of Security

Getting a Kick out of Security

By Ralph C. Jensen

You’ll get a real kick out of this security story. It is all about a secure perimeter and access control that is stored in the cloud and a man devoted to those around him.


Industry Focus

What’s Next?

By Ralph C. Jensen

The growth of technology is everywhere. What’s next for the security industry? I think the next innovation poised to transform the security industry will be deep learning or artificial intelligence (AI), which is a system that learns by looking at masses of data.

Our Digital Identities

Industry Professional

Our Digital Identities

Blockchain may be the right answer for security

By Jaikishan Rajaraman

Blockchain, the backbone technology behind Bitcoin, has grown exponentially since its inception in 2008. Since 2013, Google searches of “blockchain” have risen by 1,900 percent.

Dealer Strategies

Playing by the Rules, or Metrics

By Ralph C. Jensen

Recurring Monthly Revenue, almost always referred as RMR, is probably the most important metric of any subscription business.

The New Metrics of Tracking

By Scott MacDougal

“When dealers talk to me about their RMR, the first thing I ask is for them to break it down for me. That’s often when things bog down.


New Products

  • FEP GameChanger

    FEP GameChanger

    Paige Datacom Solutions Introduces Important and Innovative Cabling Products GameChanger Cable, a proven and patented solution that significantly exceeds the reach of traditional category cable will now have a FEP/FEP construction. 3

  • Mobile Safe Shield

    Mobile Safe Shield

    SafeWood Designs, Inc., a manufacturer of patented bullet resistant products, is excited to announce the launch of the Mobile Safe Shield. The Mobile Safe Shield is a moveable bullet resistant shield that provides protection in the event of an assailant and supplies cover in the event of an active shooter. With a heavy-duty steel frame, quality castor wheels, and bullet resistant core, the Mobile Safe Shield is a perfect addition to any guard station, security desks, courthouses, police stations, schools, office spaces and more. The Mobile Safe Shield is incredibly customizable. Bullet resistant materials are available in UL 752 Levels 1 through 8 and include glass, white board, tack board, veneer, and plastic laminate. Flexibility in bullet resistant materials allows for the Mobile Safe Shield to blend more with current interior décor for a seamless design aesthetic. Optional custom paint colors are also available for the steel frame. 3

  • Luma x20

    Luma x20

    Snap One has announced its popular Luma x20 family of surveillance products now offers even greater security and privacy for home and business owners across the globe by giving them full control over integrators’ system access to view live and recorded video. According to Snap One Product Manager Derek Webb, the new “customer handoff” feature provides enhanced user control after initial installation, allowing the owners to have total privacy while also making it easy to reinstate integrator access when maintenance or assistance is required. This new feature is now available to all Luma x20 users globally. “The Luma x20 family of surveillance solutions provides excellent image and audio capture, and with the new customer handoff feature, it now offers absolute privacy for camera feeds and recordings,” Webb said. “With notifications and integrator access controlled through the powerful OvrC remote system management platform, it’s easy for integrators to give their clients full control of their footage and then to get temporary access from the client for any troubleshooting needs.” 3