Security Today Magazine Digital Edition - October 2018

November/December 2018

  • Watch for New Trends
  • What Lies Ahead for 2019
  • From Risk to Reward
  • Securing High-End Retail Stores
  • Rethinking Access Control

Cover Story

A Market Focus

A Market Focus

Renowned systems integrator dominates gaming space for all the right reasons

By Ralph C. Jensen

Since North American Video (NAV) was founded in 1995, the systems integrator has continued to build an outstanding reputation in the physical security market.


Meeting the Challenge

Air cargo security: Creating multi-layered solutions

By Marc Murphy

Around the world, the shipping and logistics industry has experienced immense operational growth and development.

Watch for New Trends

Watch for New Trends

Expect to see additional complex algorithms and more accurate detection methods

By Brian Carle

What technology and industry trends should you keep an eye out for to stay ahead of the pack? In short, complex analytics are growing hotter which is made possible by the trend towards GPU co-processing.

Securing High-End Retail Stores

Securing High-End Retail Stores

Luxury retailers are enjoying a business boom; inventories attract criminals

By Dana Pruiett

It’s no secret Americans like to shop online. A marketing survey showed 40 percent of U.S. internet users made purchases several times a month in 2017.

What Lies Ahead for 2019

What Lies Ahead for 2019

Looking ahead is an exercise of evolution

By Fredrik Nilsson

After spending close to 20 years in the security industry, it is always a good exercise to see what projections came through the last year and which ones we foresee in the coming years.

Blurring the Lines

Blurring the Lines

Networks, departments and the line between physical and cybersecurity

By Peter Boriskin

Thanks to wireless lock technologies, cloud-based software, and smartphone/tablet integration, it is now possible to deploy a secure, manageable, and cost-effective security solution without the need for complicated and expensive infrastructure.

The Tide of Security

The Tide of Security

Europe’s second largest seaport relies on open-platform video for security, logistics and environmental protection

By Courtney Dillon Pedersen

Before installing a networked, open-platform, VMS solution, the Port of Antwerp had a standalone DVR system with no networking capabilities and no open platform support, meaning only a limited number of camera brands were supported.

Rethinking Access Control

Breaches and threats are happening at a fast and furious pace

By Jeff Capone

When it comes to access control, it all boils down to companies trying to determine whether you are who you say you are, and whether you are authorized to access certain information. As we all know, both those are tall orders to fill.



Keeping the Perimeter Protection

Transmitting radio signals must perform in bad weather

By Gadi Bar-Ner

Radar may not be the first technology that comes to mind when discussing perimeter protection, but that is all beginning to change.


Times are Changing

By Ralph C. Jensen

My, how times are changing the way we do business… in the publishing industry. Without going back to the details of yesteryear, the manner in which a publication is produced has changed from cut and paste, to the digital version of today.

Networking Security

Smarter Infrastructure

Smarter Infrastructure

Safer cities count on efficient and advanced solutions for sustainable operations

By Brandon Reich

Smart city initiatives are growing across the globe, as leaders look to increase security and intelligence across metropolitan environments.

The Next Generation

HSM approach delivers unparalleled cost/benefit for organizations

By Anand Kashyap

Hardware Security Modules, or HSMs, protect against insider and external threats by delivering confidentiality for encryption keys in a physically hardened appliance.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges and Solutions

Organizations with remote workers should stand up to any threat

By Abhishek Iyer

Technological advancements are resulting in trends and movements that improve the quality of life and business.


Networking Technology is Changing

By Ralph C. Jensen

No one will argue that the network has been one of the greatest evolutions in time. Think of it, everything that you used to do by hand, you can now do via computer. Well, almost everything.

Shifting Towards the Cloud

Shifting Towards the Cloud

Dramatic changes bring network technology to the forefront

By Jeff Whitney

Video surveillance has dramatically changed in recent decades. Open, IP-based network technology has largely replaced the closed, proprietary world that long dominated the security industry.

A Successful Data Security Plan

Security inside and outside the firewall are vital to storage

By Ruben Lugo

We live in a world where computer hacking, data breaches, identity theft, and stolen records of all sizes have become worldwide events that can happen at any time.

Dealer Strategies

Bringing Hope to SMB Networks

NETGEAR helps Hopemate standardize their client management platform

By Richard Jonker

Hopemate is a small IT service provider located in the Greater Vancouver, Canada, area that brings IT support to small businesses in its community.

Enabling Your Own Surveillance as a Service Offering

New tools to help dealers monitor, manage the equipment they install

By Ralph C. Jensen

In the dealer/integrator business, recurring monthly revenue (RMR) is like finding a gold mine with several profitable veins that can be mined. RMR is an attractive means for a secondary revenue stream.

From Risk to Reward

How service assurance present new opportunities for integrators

By Bud Broomhead

In the professional security market, the model for revenue is changing. Systems integrators are looking for revenue beyond basic sales and maintenance—especially customer-oriented addons to generate recurring monthly revenues (RMR).


New Products

  • Videoloft Cloud Video Surveillance VSaaS Solution

    Videoloft Cloud Video Surveillance VSaaS Solution

    Videoloft focuses on transforming traditional professional surveillance systems into cloud connected solutions via the Videoloft Cloud Adapter. 3

  • LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

    LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

    LiftMaster Transforms the Garage Door Opener Into a Sleek Smart Home Device That Does More Than Open and Close the Garage Door 3

  • PDK IO Access Control Software

    PDK.IO Access Control Software

    ProdataKey now allows for "custom fields" within the interface of its software. Custom fields increase PDK's solutions' overall functionality by allowing administrators to include a wide range of pertinent data associated with each user. 3