Security Today Magazine Digital Edition - April 2019

April 2019

  • An Iron Solution
  • Simplify, Automate and Modernize
  • The Impact of Technology
  • Managed Firewall Services
  • Helping Those in Need

Cover Story

Increasing Sophistication

Increasing Sophistication

Advancements in camera surveillance technology

By Peter Ainsworth

Video surveillance management is becoming increasingly sophisticated in terms of operational capabilities, including the type and scope of analytics available.


The Next Level

The Next Level

With advanced digital security cameras, owners have more tools to deter theft and fraud while improving store management

By Del Williams

Convenience stores and mini marts have traditionally installed surveillance cameras to deter crime and encourage safety, but too often these have provided images that lacked detail, particularly in low light conditions.

The Impact of Technology

The Impact of Technology

Top six questions to help answer the impact of security on campus

By Jim Primovic

Technology is everywhere in today’s classrooms and campuses. As the suite of technology solutions for campus security expands, so does the complexity for how to apply them in a fit-for-purpose way.

Automation Can Close the Gap on Cyber Exposures

Automation Can Close the Gap on Cyber Exposures

Security pros can protect their systems without being cybersecurity experts

By Tom Galvin

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil: It is tempting for physical security professionals to take this passive approach to cybersecurity.

An Iron Solution

An Iron Solution

Delivering a breakthrough in industry technology

By JR Andrews

One of the primary criteria for any surveillance, access or security system is the requirement for a consistent and reliable power source, as even the most complex and expensive system solutions will be rendered useless if power is interrupted.

Helping Those in Need

Outdated equipment can create critical vulnerabilities and leave a facility unprotected

By Tim Shen

In the United States, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner, equating to more than 10 million in a single year.

Crime-busting Technology

Hartford Capital City Command Center fast-tracks investigations and solves crimes using a comprehensive surveillance solution

By Kevin Taylor

Like many metropolitan cities, Hartford, CT has its share of crimes. And solving those crimes usually involves sifting through an overwhelming amount of data.

Simplify, Automate and Modernize

Simplify, Automate and Modernize

Three words to consider for security success in the banking segment

By Matt Tengwall

The banking market continues to evolve due to the growing use of mobile devices, as more branch operations aim to enhance convenience and service for the customer.

Coming of Age

Integrators should investigate interactive video monitoring

By Fredrik Wallberg

Securing outdoor assets can be a tricky proposition. For starters, traditional outdoor security systems are expensive.

Paving Safer Roads

Paving Safer Roads

Leveraging new innovations to improve the quality of life

By Rich LeCates

Though traffic and crime are not the only contributing factors that determine a location’s desirability, they are some of the top catalysts that inspire digital transformation within a city.

Managed Firewall Services

Managed Firewall Services

Are they right for you?

By Rich Aycock

As cybercrime continues to plague companies of all sizes, across all industries both public and private, we wanted to take this opportunity to explore options that can help protect your data and your business.



Clearing Up Confusion

Taking a moment to clear up any misconceptions about AI

By Brad Eck

The confusion I hear in the industry starts with the definitions of these terms: artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (deep and shallow), and analytics. Some believe these things are all the same and use them interchangeably.


A Voice for Veterans

By Ralph C. Jensen

Every interview I get for the magazine is enjoyable, and even entertaining. Every conversation is a story but once in a while I have a lead that I know will stick with me for quite a long time.

Dealer Strategies

Top Mistakes Companies Make When Managing a Security Workforce

Top Mistakes Companies Make When Managing a Security Workforce

By Mark Folmer

Gone are the days of paper-based note-taking and incident reporting, or hiring four guards to cover the role of one. Today’s security companies need to be more efficient and responsive, including being better at scheduling resources.

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New Products

  • Dahua 2-Wire IP Video Intercom System

    Dahua 2-Wire IP Video Intercom System

    Dahua Technology is introducing a new line of expandable 2-wire IP video intercom solutions for the North America market. The New 2-wire IP video intercom is more advanced, cost effective, and designed to help businesses increase their security. 3

  • Videoloft Cloud Video Surveillance VSaaS Solution

    Videoloft Cloud Video Surveillance VSaaS Solution

    Videoloft focuses on transforming traditional professional surveillance systems into cloud connected solutions via the Videoloft Cloud Adapter. 3

  • LenelS2 BlueDiamond™ mobile app

    enelS2 has introduced its Indoor Location subscription-based service for businesses and other organizations using LenelS2’s BlueDiamond™ mobile app version 2.1.8 for smartphones. 3