The Power of Identity Management and Physical Security Integration: The Team Approach to Lowering Costs and Decreasing Risk

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With the advent of IP-based technology and the consolidation of physical and logical security on the same network, IT and physical security departments are, for the first time, looking at how best to share critical information and knowledge to provide better security. But managing this diverse environment can lead to significant security challenges and increase both costs and risks.

Combining the power of identity and access management with new Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software makes it possible to pool and integrate existing information, assets and expertise across both physical and IT organizations, lowering operational costs, improving response time to situations and reducing risks.

Attend this one-hour online seminar to learn how companies like, Symantec, Adobe, Juniper Networks, Toronto & San Francisco Airports, Baxter Pharmaceuticals and more are taking advantage of this new technology to:

  • Automate key processes and simplify management of employees, visitors, vendors and other third-party identities while still ensuring a secure, open facility.
  • Integrate and analyze information from disparate traditional physical security devices.
  • Proactively resolve security-related or emergency situations with real-time data aggregated from multiple security and surveillance systems.


Scott Sieracki, VP, Global Sales, Quantum Secure

Scott Sieracki is the VP of Global Sales for Quantum Secure. Scott is a seasoned executive with over 17 years of experience driving revenues and building distribution channels for Fortune 100 and 500 companies as well as several start-up companies in the past.

Dave Fowler, Senior VP Marketing & Product Development, VidSys

A frequent speaker and published writer at industry conferences on technology topics, Dave is a veteran of the software industry, with over 30 years of industry and senior management experience in marketing, product management and development, business development, and sales.

Watch this webinar On Demand.

Duration: 1 hour