Advancements in Video Surveillance: Megapixel Analytics, IQTrack Viewings, Intelligent Streaming Cameras and Encoders

This event occurred on May 13, 2010 at 2:00 P.M. EST.

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All surveillance cameras look, but how many actually see what’s going on? But new advancements in intelligent video surveillance from VideoIQ are changing that by allowing for the distinguishing of people and vehicles from other objects, animals and scene movement and issuing alarms only when there is a viable threat. By pioneering edge based storage, VideoIQ iCVR camera and encoders have simplified installation and delivered greater deployment flexibility, allowing easier use of wireless networks, cellular connections and shared infrastructure.

Register for this FREE, live webinar to hear about VideoIQ’s latest innovations, the iCVR family of IP66 rated outdoor and indoor dome cameras, the iCVR-MP line of megapixel cameras, and the iCST and the iCST line of streaming cameras and encoders that are pre-integrated with leading VMS platforms including Genetec, Milestone and OnSSI. Hear, how for little more than the cost of a conventional IP or HD camera, VideoIQ customers are now able to deploy a proactive surveillance system that allows them to rapidly assess and mitigate security threats before incidents occur, delivering the highest degree of real-time threat detection accuracy while simplifying installation.

During this FREE live webinar in which VideoIQ will discuss:
  • Zero bandwidth recording at up to 1080p/30fps resolution
  • Megapixel analytics
  • IQTrack – automatic digital PTZ zoom and track
  • The iCST line of streaming cameras and encoders pre-integrated with 3rd party VMS platforms including Genetec, Milestone and OnSSI
  • Real-world implementations across various organizations that have maximized surveillance investments
Watch this Webinar On Demand.

Scott Schnell, President and CEO of VideoIQ

An IT security industry veteran, Scott Schnell brings over 20 years of experience to his role as president and CEO of VideoIQ. With deep expertise across sales, marketing, business development, professional services and engineering, Schnell has a proven track record of guiding innovative companies to market leadership.

Most recently, Schnell was an entrepreneur-in-residence at Atlas Venture where he identified potential investment opportunities and consulted with the firm’s portfolio companies on go-to-market strategy and execution. Before Atlas, Schnell served as senior vice president of sales, marketing and professional services at RSA Security, where he was responsible for nearly doubling the company’s customer base and driving record revenue results. At RSA, he also managed the acquisition and integration of four companies and achieved record levels of partner integration with industry leaders including Microsoft, Cisco and Accenture.

Duration: 1 Hour