Compliance and Risk Management using Effective and Efficient Physical Security Audits

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This webinar occurred on:  March 20, 2014

Organizations worldwide have a need to perform different types of physical security audits which are either mandated by external regulatory authorities or by their own internal standards to ensure security. Their current processes for conducting these audits involve multiple manual steps and paper-/email-based exchange of information between security teams and internal reviewers. This leads to increased process inefficiencies which delays the time taken to complete the audit, increases the cost and increases the risk to the physical security of the organization.

Join us for a lively discussion and Q&A with our speakers as they show how organizations can have better compliance and risk management by conducting effective and efficient physical security audits

Key Takeaways:

Understand the internal as well as industry specific drivers for periodic security audits in different industries, here are a few compliance regulations we will address:
  • Utilities (NERC)
  • Financial Services (SOX)
  • Aviation (TSA)
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This webinar occurred on:  March 20, 2014


Kunal Shrestha, Product Manager - Quantum Secure
Kunal is responsible for product strategy and definition, and product marketing for SAFE suite of products. In this role, Kunal has been instrumental in introducing a new offering for physical security compliance and for security intelligence and analytics. Prior to joining Quantum Secure, Kunal led product management at BMC Software, a leading IT systems management ISV.

Duration: 1 Hour