4 Steps to Reduce Third-Party Personnel Risk

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This webinar occurred on:  May 22, 2014

Whether you lead a non-profit or your firm sends third parties into customer’s homes or businesses, you need to know who you’re working with. Not knowing poses a risk to your employees, your customers, and the reputation of your organization. Such a risk is simply unnecessary. But who can you trust?

Greg Pesicka, Vice President of Strategic Development at Eid Passport, and a seasoned expert in implementing high-security identity solutions, will outline the four steps that will give you the confidence to know who you can trust.

In this live 60-minute webinar, Mr. Pesicka will focus on how organizations can protect themselves against third-party relationship risk. He will describe the process of how to identify and verify individuals to better enhance safety and protection for both the organization and the people it serves. Some of the topics Greg will cover include: identity verification technology, official screening standards, ongoing identity assurance, and data management. Security professionals at organizations and non-profits interested in more secure and reliable identification of the contractors and volunteers they do business with should attend this webinar.

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This webinar occurred on:  May 22, 2014


Greg Pesicka 

Greg Pesicka is Vice President of Strategic Development at Eid Passport. He is responsible for strategic market development including the company’s MySureID™ program, a secure Identity-as-a-Service solution that helps organizations manage third-party risk. As an executive of the company since 2005, Greg has helped lead the growth of Eid Passport’s flagship RAPIDGate® Program, resulting in the implementation of access management systems at military and Homeland Security facilities. He has more than 20 years of experience in technology management with the last several years focused on security and identity management.

About Eid Passport

Eid Passport, Inc., (www.eidpassport.com) is the recognized leader in high-assurance identity management solutions, helping organizations reduce risk by quickly identifying who they can trust. With nearly 300 employees from coast-to-coast, the company provides products and services for vendors, contractors, service providers, and subcontractors who require authorized access to secure buildings or sensitive corporate resources. Eid Passport is best known for the RAPIDGate® Program, an identity management and access control solution for vendors, contractors and service providers who require authorized access to secure facilities. Founded in November 2001, Eid Passport is headquartered in Hillsboro, Ore., with offices in Minot, N.D., and Alexandria, Va. 

Duration: 1 Hour