Optimize Your Physical Identity Management from Your Secure and Budget-Friendly Cloud

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This webinar occurred on: September 17, 201

Streamlining the physical identity & access management (PIAM) needs for any organization has been a daunting task until PIAM software solutions were introduced and became the ideal method for managing your workforce and their physical access. Now, with the evolution of cloud technology, organizations can take full advantage of PIAM solutions for a fraction of the cost and with minimal installation time.

Join Quantum Secure for this FREE webinar on how a Virtual Private Cloud is the ideal solution to manage the physical security and compliance requirements for any organization in a secure and cost effective way.

Key takeaways you don't want to miss:
  • The trend in adoption of cloud for various business processes and the future of cloud
  • How a Virtual Private Cloud resolves security and reliability concerns for organizations
  • The benefits offered by SAFE for Secure Cloud in managing the physical security and compliance needs for any organization
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This webinar occurred on: September 17, 2014


Don Campbell Director of Product Management
Quantum Secure

Don Campbell is a 25 year veteran of both the IT and Security industries. While at VidSys, he was the VP of Product Management as well as working in Business Development. VidSys provides a physical security information management (PSIM) software platform. Prior to VidSys Don was the VP of Product at VistaScape until the sale of that company to Siemens in 2006. VistaScape combined early PSIM concepts with command and control and intelligent video capabilities. Don has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Duke University.

Duration: 1 Hour

  • Environmental Protection
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Infrastructure Solutions Group
  • School Planning & Managmenet
  • College Planning & Management
  • Campus Security & Life Safety