Safeguarding Government Employees

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This webinar occurred on: October 5, 2016

With much of the government workforce engaging in some sort of business travel or remote work, agencies are facing the enormous challenge of safeguarding their workers in a myriad of situations. A mobile workforce necessitates adopting a secure risk messaging system to account for the changing global landscape. Some government agencies are embracing innovative SaaS solutions while others remain slow to react, still depending on phone trees to communicate with employees in a crisis.

The tools, processes and procedures designed to effectively fulfill duty of care really boil down to delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. Through leveraging advanced tools that combine risk, location and itinerary information with two-way communications to deliver messages directly to employees on the road, at their desk or anywhere in between, government agencies can set the standard for fulfilling duty of care. Join speakers John Coovert (Sr. Manager, Physical Security – Concur), Marques Tibbs-Brewer (Regional Sales Executive – Concur), Steve Lee (Sr. Solutions Consultant – Concur) and Tim Crockett (Vice President – HX Global) to learn more about the constantly changing geopolitical environment surrounding global organizations today when it comes to informing and protecting government employees.

  • The moral requirement for employers to provide reasonable care for employees, whether in-office or on-travel.
  • The ever-changing geopolitical environment with global organizations being asked to do more to inform and protect employees.
  • What does taking care of employees mean?
  • What are the tools, processes and procedures designed to meet Duty of Care responsibilities?

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This webinar occurred on: October 5, 2016 


John Coovert, Sr. Manager, Physical Security – Concur
John is the Senior Manager of Global Physical Security Team at Concur Technologies.  John is responsible for the safety and security of Concur’s assets; primarily its employees.  John is the Primary Point of Contact and Coordinator for emergency response, preparedness and communication as it relates to the safety and security for all Concurians.  He has over 26 years of experience in law enforcement and security including time with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and United States Marine Corps, and Casino Gaming industry.  John had previously been at Adobe Systems where he was the Headquarters Site Security Manager and the Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) Manager.  John has been involved with and managed responses to numerous natural and manmade crisis events to include Super-storm Sandy, Paris terrorist attacks, Far East Asia typhoons, etc.  John is a standing member with ASIS, Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO), and the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP).

Marques Tibbs-Brewer, Regional Sales Executive – Concur
Marques Tibbs-Brewer has over 11 years of experience applying knowledge and mastery of Federal financial management principles, concepts, regulations and practices related to accounting, acquisition, appropriations law, government travel and internal controls.  Prior to joining Concur, Marques led the Transportation Security Administration’s Travel Program as Travel Section Chief where he managed the Travel Policy, Card and System programs.  He also managed the implementation of an E-GOV Travel (ETS) solution for which he was the recipient of the 2010 DHS Chief Financial Officer’s Executive Award for Exemplary Performance and a Nominee for the 2010 Joint Financial Management Improvement Program’s Donald L. Scantlebury Memorial Award for Outstanding and Continuous Leadership in Financial Management.   Marques also worked to support the development and implementation of governance strategies to integrate enterprise-wide structures, processes, systems and people for Department of Homeland Security’s strategy and plans for migration to E-GOV Travel Service 2 (ETS2). 

Marques joined Concur in 2014 to lead agency transitions from implementation to the project close out phase.  During this time, he managed relationships with executives from 14 Department of Homeland Security components.  As a Manager of Account Management, Marques developed the framework for a Strategic Account Management Plan that clarified the role of account management, established program performance objectives and outlined key metrics and benchmarking information to identify and evaluate opportunities for cost savings.  In his current role, Marques is responsible for Sales within Concur’s Public Sector vertical while identifying opportunities for public entities to leverage commercial best practices.

Steve Lee, Sr. Solutions Consultant – Concur
Steve Lee is a Senior Solutions Consultant at Concur Technologies and is a client-facing subject matter expert in the area of employee safety and communications.  Steve has a strong understanding of travel technologies and asset and IT service management which has served him well in providing expertise to the public and private sectors. Steve joined Concur in 2010 and has spent his tenure assisting numerous clients in their evaluation and configuration of Concur’s industry-leading travel and duty-of-care technologies.  As a frequent business and leisure global traveler, and an avid outdoor enthusiast spending countless hours hiking and mountain biking in the mountains of Colorado, he understands the value of preparedness and constant awareness of surroundings - both critical points to improve safety and wellbeing for your traveler. Prior to joining Concur, Steve gained extensive experience in client-facing roles on a global scale in his 10 years at IBM. Steve studied Network Systems Administration at Denver Technical College and Environmental Sciences at Colorado State University.

Tim Crockett, Vice President – HX Global
Tim Crockett is Vice President – Security for HX Global. based out of Atlanta, GA. Hx-Global is the US subsidiary of Healix International a Global Leader in International Medical, Security and Travel assistance providers.

Tim has a strong military background that serves him well in designing and providing security and risk management solutions. A native of Hereford, England, he became a member of the Royal Marine Commandos in 1990 and went on to join the Special Boat Service in 1992. In 2001 Tim moved into the private sector and continued to pursue a varied career providing support to a number of private clients in the areas of; threat and vulnerability assessments for projects and personnel often cumulating with the implementation of security and safety system for projects throughout the globe.

Prior to joining HX Global, Tim worked as Senior Director of Global Security Operations for Turner Inc. and prior that that had worked as a consultant to CNN for 12 years. Tim in all of his roles has trained and advised clients, many of which operated predominately in hostile environments, often working alongside many of them in the field, with numerous deployments to Afghanistan, The Middle East, Central & West Africa, Southeast Asia and the Amazon jungles of Brazil.  

For two years beginning in 2002, he worked within CNN, training their personnel to operate in hostile environments and co-coordinating all of their field safety and security requirements before, during and after the last Gulf War. He attended the first U.S. Department of Defence media-training course and made recommendations to the P.A.O (Public Affairs Office/officer) personnel at the Pentagon to better tailor the course to help prepare embedded journalists for the dangers of covering the war. Tim continues to work with many news teams throughout the globe today, providing them with on-going safety and security advice and support in high-risk situations.

Tim remains an avid traveler, and as such has been able to use his skills and experience to plan and help produce several television productions, including reality shows and documentaries.

Tim has given presentations on safety and security training in a number of forums in the media, humanitarian (NGO) and energy sectors, including the Media Leaders meeting at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in 2005. Tim has appeared on a number of major news networks (CNN, CBC, Fox News, Al Jazeera America) and has been quoted in several publications.

Tim is currently the Chairperson for the Media & Entertainment Working Group for OSAC, a department within the US Department of State. While working with the media, he has helped contribute to safer newsgathering. He has been honored by the Royal Television Society, the Overseas Press Club of America, a Golden Eagle Award and won Peabody Awards his roles in CNN’s ‘Terror on Tape’ series and ’72 Hours Under Fire’ the story of a news team under fire in the besieged city of Homs, Syria.

Duration: 1 Hour

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