White Papers

Case Study | Creating a Welcoming and Safe Experience for School Events

Tulsa Public Schools tackles the rising concern of concealed weapons in extracurricular activities by partnering with Metrasens. This case study explores their joint commitment to creating a secure environment for students, staff, and spectators.

Guide to Body Cameras for Campus Security

Body-worn cameras are gaining traction as an essential tool for campus security teams. It can be daunting to choose the ideal body-worn camera for your campus environment. From vendor selection and implementation to post-launch recommendations, this guide will help prepare you for a successful body-worn camera program.

Guide to Evaluating Gun Detection Technology

This Evaluation Guide to Gun Detection Technologies covers the most common weapons detection technologies available and explains how leveraging your existing video surveillance system with AI-powered visual gun detection, has emerged as a highly effective solution.

Perimeter and Intruder Security for Educational Establishments

Keeping students, teachers, visitors and educational facilities safe from criminal activity is a task which must be taken seriously. GJD and LILIN Americas have created this white paper to provide recommendations on how intrusion detection technology, combined with IP video surveillance systems, integrate to provide versatile security solutions for educational buildings.