GovSec West Exhibitors Greet Large Crowds

Compiled by the Security Products’ Editorial Staff

Video Insight
With a wide range of products, Video Insight had much to attract visitors to its booth. Presenting clients with everything from applications to storage to IP servers, Video Insight boasts easy-to-use applications and a focus on multi-campus government and education facilities. More importantly, clients are offered the ability to move to a more mobile security monitoring system. Gone are the days when security footage could only be monitored from a stationary control center. Now, security footage can go where you go on any mobile device, such as a smartphone or iPad.

DRI International
DRI International offers business continuity certifications to companies and business professionals in both the healthcare industry and the public sector. Russell Brand, director of business development, said DRI International attended GovSec West to promote its Certified Public Sector Continuity Professional (CPSCP) program, which has been tailored to meet the needs of individuals working in federal, state and local public sector organizations. DRI International also provides a Certified Healthcare Provider Continuity Professional (CHPCP) certification program that is specifically designed to provide business continuity, emergency management, and disaster recovery professionals an understanding of all aspects of business continuity in hospitals, clinics, medical practices, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities.

The Disaster Resource Guide is a source for business continuity, disaster recovery, emergency management and homeland security solutions. Published by the Emergency Lifeline Corp., the guide gives valuable information to help in the preparation of natural disasters. The company also provides several products that can be used during those disasters to keep people in better health until rescue teams discover them.

Salient Systems
Salient Systems focuses on providing VMS solutions. Built on open architecture, the company’s CompleteView VMS can be used with both analog and IP video systems, providing a straightforward and cost-effective approach to help move analog video surveillance into the world of network-centric surveillance. CompleteView can be installed on Salient’s purpose-built servers and workstations or on hardware from vendors such as Dell, HP and IBM.

Panasonic, a giant in the electronics industry, participated in GovSec West to showcase some of its video surveillance and security solutions that are designed to deliver high performance and reliability for nearly every infrastructure and application. S. Greg O’Connell, national sales manager, said, “Panasonic is a core manufacturer, which means we make everything we sell.”

Onsite OHS
Onsite OHS delivers medical support to companies and governments all over the world. A small, veteran-owned business in Indiana, Onsite OHS is dedicated to providing medical services to any location and has provided its services in Afghanistan and Antarctica. The company can provide small or large scale services, such as supplying a paramedic to workers on a pipeline or delivering enough medical staff for hospitals in need. “We currently have the second largest medical center in Afghanistan; the largest is the Department of Defense,” said Onsite OHS President and CEO Kyle Johnson. The company provides a complete range of medical services, including medical support, medical logistics and supply, deployment screening and ancillary services, and medical staffing solutions.

Acorn Wire and Iron Works provides access containment solutions to schools, shopping malls, hospitals and the military on a national level. The company is a direct vendor of security access and containment solutions with products that create heavy-duty storage areas for other products, such as homeland security cages that provide secure areas in any environment. At GovSec West, the company highlighted its new line of security gates that can be either portable or stationary.

Quintron Systems, an engineering and manufacturing firm that provides interoperability and security solutions, had representatives at the show to discuss the company’s large selection of communications and security systems for businesses and government agencies. Its security products range from small access control systems to large security systems. Quintron manager Brian L. Ashley enthusiastically told attendees about the DICES VoIP and other security products that offer servers for IP audio and distribution for the T1 Gateway. Quintron has several other products with encryption and compression capabilities that protect devices from security breaches.

HP Enterprise Security at Carahsoft
HP Enterprise Security at Carahsoft is the largest government partner and aggregator for its vendors and manages public sector reseller networks. Carahsoft introduced a variety of network security vendors, including Adobe, SAP, Symantek, HP Software Partner, VMware, EMC, Red Hat and F5, all of which provide security software such as virus protection and other security solutions. For example, HP Software Partner is business technology software that allows government agencies to modernize their IT operations by automating important functions and processes. Carahsoft also provides IT solutions to help local, state, and federal government agencies.

FireTide Inc.
FireTide provides wireless broadband network products to commercial, transportation and government customers. All of the company’s products offer voice and data applications, wireless infrastructure, and access technologies for hosting both fixed and mobile applications. The FireTide Wireless Bridge (FWB) is one of the products the company featured at GovSec West. This product is an outdoor wireless Ethernet bridge that provides high-capacity connectivity between two locations. FireTide also provides several other products that extend outdoor access networks to indoor spaces, WLAN network management, access points and mobility controllers.

The Bush School
The Bush School at Texas A&M offers several different graduate degree certifications that range from nonprofit management to homeland security. The school also offers specialty certifications in areas such as international affairs, border security and national security. Students can select an emphasis to accompany their certificate, such as emergency crisis preparedness and management. Courses are offered online and are interactive with professors and industry professionals.

Exacq Technologies
Exacq, a developer of VMSs for video security and surveillance, featured its range of solutions that can be used on single-camera system or huge systems with thousands of cameras. Representatives eagerly discussed these and a variety of other products such as the EL-Series hybrid appliances, mobile health managers, IP appliances and more. The Enterprise Health manager, for example, is a client-server monitoring system for video surveillance deployments where central monitoring of the status of all exacqVision servers is needed.

THRIVE Intelligence
Thrive officials have devised a unique plan to work hand in hand with integrators, offering a monthly stipend for their end users logged into their monitoring center. The state-ofthe- art central station, located in Dallas, is set to open this month. The company provides video security as a service (VSaaS) by combining event-based video monitoring, edge-based analytics, audio intervention, GPS tracking and numerous other services. It is all carefully designed with technology, analytics and real-time monitoring by security intervention specialists.

ABM Data Systems
With headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, ABM Data Systems is best known for its automation software for self-contained monitoring environments, namely its Phoenix® alarm monitoring solution and Windowsbased SignalSafe software that stores all received information in a database, replacing the printers connected to a company’s alarm receivers. “Our software enables users to control their own destiny,” said ABM President Scott Lawson. “It is designed especially for those in the university market, school districts and local municipalities who might not want their alarm control going out to big alarm monitoring companies.”

Monarch Business Resiliency
Independent consulting company Monarch Business Resiliency set up shop at GovSec West to explain to attendees its services aimed at business continuity and disaster recovery. According to Monarch Vice President John Grochowalski, the company, based in Kennesaw, Ga., with offices in Boston, Houston, and elsewhere, draws from a pool of more than 100 specialists throughout the United States to offer clients truly impartial advice in the many realms of IT planning and recovery— from risk assessment to cyber security— based on each company’s unique needs.

Representatives from Dell were likewise on hand to talk about continuity, specifically the company’s email management services (EMS) continuity support. Marketing manager Bill Venteicher said Dell’s service, which is optimized for smartphones and iPads, helps ensure employees receive consistent email delivery even during a local system or infrastructure-related interruption. And with Dell’s hosted and managed enterprise notification platform—AlertFind™—interactive connection with employees and other stakeholders is automatic; the subscription-based service uses multiple channels of communication to find people, deliver instructions and collect responses, he said.

The Center for Continuity Leadership
In keeping with the continuity theme, representatives at The Center for Continuity Leadership booth were explaining their firm’s role in designing, developing and producing interactive, Web-based continuity training modules for the end-user community. “Our focus is on people as opposed to systems,” said The Center’s Business Development Manager Paul Lambert, noting that the most popular training topics do, in fact, focus on business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management and life safety. “We’re kind of a niche in the niche of business continuity,” he said. “We help the planners train everybody else.” Lambert added that The Center chose to attend GovSec West specifically for its geographic location. “We’re pretty well-known on the West Coast; we consider Texas our East Coast at this point, and we’d really like to open our offerings up to Texas markets.”

Verint Systems Inc.
Hailing from the opposite side of the country, Melville, N.Y.-based Verint Systems Inc. chose the GovSec venue to showcase, among other products, its Nextiva® physical security information management (PSIM) system. Channel Marketing Specialist Larry Drago explained that the open and scalable system is designed to facilitate enhanced situational awareness and response and to enable the various phases of an incident management cycle, from planning to training to real-time monitoring and control. “Our system contains true command-and-control software,” he said. “Basically, everything that can be integrated has been integrated into our solution,” which includes systems ranging from access control, intrusion, video, radar and border control functions to fire safety, HVAC, communications, GIS and business applications, enabling organizations to optimize their investments to meet their current and future needs.

Association of Contingency Planners
Offering security authorities a chance to network, share ideas and interact with other professionals, ACP attended GovSec West to offer attendees an opportunity to become involved with the organization through sponsorship. Sponsors are provided a forum to interact with similar businesses, information on new and applicable products, a chance to impact the community of disaster recovery and emergency management professionals, and an opportunity for increased visibility in this market for their new products and services. Covering different topics for each month— cyber-terrorism is a recent example—ACP provides members with informative speakers from various applicable areas of the contingency planning field.

Axis Communications
Choosing to attend GovSec West was an easy decision for Axis, based on the company’s desire to cater to government networks in addition to the civilian security sector. Striving to be entirely intrusion-proof, Axis is meeting high government standards with innovative and reliable security cameras, encoders and accessories. Helping smooth the industry’s shift from analog security to digital security, Axis is promoting an entirely IP-network video system, something that government installations are now embracing, according to John Merlino, Axis business development manager. An all-IP system could significantly reduce costs and increase mobility for both government security and private companies, he said.

Lenel, one of the country’s leading security software and integrated system providers, attended GovSec West and was on familiar ground. Working both the private and government sectors, Lenel had much to offer attendees. One of the products the company was promoting was the goEntry 3.0, Web-based access control system that was also this magazine’s 2012 New Product of the Year in the Access Control, Door Entry category. The easy-to-use product does not need a server, and is costeffective. It also incorporates an iPad app, allowing for mobile monitoring of secure locations.

Quantum Secure
A company that vows to “Optimize security operations and lower costs,” Quantum Secure attended GovSec West to inform those at the conference about how the company is doing just that. Its SAFE software suite works with systems that are already in place. This aligns with a trend in the industry that Quantum Secure representatives shared with us. Companies are not looking to simply “rip and replace” security systems. Now, it is easier to integrate new security software through upgrades or assimilate additional hardware as security needs increase.

Omnitron Systems Technology Inc.
Extending fiber capability and connectivity, Omnitron Systems was at GovSec West promoting a very small yet very powerful media converter, the OmniConverter PoE and PoE+. These converters, which extend distances with fiber to reach even the outermost surveillance cameras, are the first on the market to support both the IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at, representatives said. The OmniConverter can provide power to one or two powered devices using standard UTP cable. A variety of port configurations are available. Not only do Omnitron’s products come in compact, durable size, they also come with a lifetime warranty.

Focusing on portable intrusion detection, Qual-Tron has security hardware to meet any company’s need. All of the equipment is designed for indoor and outdoor use and is easy to install and operate. According to Dan Chambers, Qual-Tron vice president of sales and marketing, most manufactures are striving for lighter, smaller products with the longest-lasting battery power available. Currently, Qual-Tron provides products with battery lives ranging from 30 to 180 days, and those lives are getting longer. In additions to these products, Qual-tron provides a number of camera systems that can be triggered by RF signals and UGS sensors.

Atlas Sales and Rentals Inc.
Atlas Sales and Rentals participated in GovSec West in part to show off its new Atlas PACSlim-12 air cooled 12-ton portable cooling unit, which is ideal for offices, server rooms and any location in which other air conditioning units will not fit. In business since 1979 and with 30 locations nationwide, Atlas has become known in the industry for its peak efficiency while maintaining low sound levels.

Virtual Imaging Inc.
Virtual Imaging Inc., a Canon U.S.A company, was on hand to display the RadPRO SECURPASS, advanced technology that is used in high-level security environments, including airports, prisons, border crossings and government buildings. This low-dose X-ray scanning system is capable of detecting any type of material in just eight seconds, including everything from dangerous or illegal substances such as drugs or liquid explosives to electronic devices or food and drinks. The unit’s steel platform can support up to 660 pounds and allows for accurate and full inspection without the removal of the subject’s clothing or shoes.

Aerowave Technologies
Aerowave representatives joined GovSec West to display their twoway radio communications, crucially important when emergency alert systems are needed. Ideal for school systems, the Aerobox includes a built-in megaphone speaker and a strobe light that can easily draw attention wherever it is needed. The Aerobox’s weather-proofed, sturdy construction makes it ideal for any area in danger of extreme weather. The small design also makes for easy installation, indoors or out.

Henley-Putnam University
For law enforcement professionals looking to advance or enhance their careers, Henley- Putnam University offers just that chance. With courses specializing in intelligence, anti-terrorism and security management, this online university offers the opportunity to earn a Bachelor’s degree, certificate, Master’s degree or doctorate. One of the main attractions of Henley-Putnam University is that the faculty members boast real field experience. Members of the faculty have served in senior positions in the CIA, USSS, FBI, DIA, NSA and British Intelligence, as well as branches of the U.S. armed services.

Open Options Inc.
Open Options, an access control company, showcased its DNA Fusion software, which combines access, video, data and audio into a convenient security solution. The openplatform approach and easy-to-use interface make for simple system setup and navigation. The software enables the user to monitor several integrated systems through one common interface, and because no two clients hold the same security requirements, the system is completely customizable to the individual needs of each client.

General Dynamics
At GovSec West, General Dynamics touted its unique Ad Hoc Mobile Communications Event Solutions, a security resolution that has been used at large events such as the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston. The solution includes rugged, wearable computers, video capture, analytics and situational awareness technology. All this can be transmitted over a safe and secure network, ensuring the safety of the general public. Whether it is a mobile crisis prevention solution or mobile crisis response solution, General Dynamics can help.

KETCH Consulting
KETCH Consulting offers network and security assessments, which are critical to determining how vulnerable your network is to hackers, viruses and other security threats. The company’s sophisticated on-site analysis includes external and internal security probes, physical security, social engineering, a list of any discovered security vulnerabilities, risks and implications, as well as recommended technical solutions that outline what software and tools are needed to better secure your network.

With more than a decade of experience as a security and surveillance partner, it is easy to see what brought LENSEC to GovSec West. Boasting 1,500 systems in 30 states, LENSEC highlighted its recent selection by Maryland’s Hartford County Public Schools (HCPS) as the district’s security provider. HCPS was in need of a single surveillance software platform in order to monitor schools and facilities, and LENSEC’s extensive experience in the area made it the clear choice. The software provided by the company allows the district to manage its security from a single Web page while also granting access to any authorized school or emergency personnel to access the system remotely, from any computer. Minuteman Power Technologies Minuteman Power Technologies is focused on manufacturing a comprehensive line of power-protection products. With the large dependence on access control, DVRs, cameras and emergency notification systems, products from Minuteman will help keep a facility safe and secure, even if there is a power problem. The company’s products, many of which are designed specifically for security markets, are used in more than 100 countries across the world.

AlertEnterprise provides identity management and enterprise access software for a wide range of critical infrastructure and government organizations, delivering a business layer that uses existing IT systems, physical access control systems, and applications without interrupting current processes. That allows government organizations to manage a number of issues including security, risk and compliance, insider threats, and critical infrastructure protection. The solution, which took home a Security Products Govies Award in 2012, also helps to streamline complex processes like onboarding and offboarding, ensuring policy compliance at every step while delivering incident management capability that includes live surveillance video and geospatial mapping for complete situational awareness.

Northwestern StateUniversity of Louisiana
Northwestern State University of Louisiana, located in Natchitoches, La., offers a number of security-related degrees programs, including an AA or BA in criminal justice and a master’s degree program in Homeland Security. The latter is designed to provide an analysis and understanding of the emerging challenges of globalization and the new world order of transnational security issues that present global implications. Some of the topics learned include the characteristic of terrors groups and international organized crime, cyberwarfare, cyberforensics, counterterrorism, diplomacy and executive leadership. The university offers fee exemption for commissioned full-time law enforcement or public safety officers, including firemen and EMS personnel. All degrees are available through the Internet, and out-of-state Internet-only students pay in-state tuition rates.

TOMAR Electronics
TOMAR Electronics is dedicated to perfecting LED, strobe and NEODE technology for use in emergency warning solutions and optical pre-emptions systems. Offering products used by numerous law enforcement and fire/EMS departments across the United States, the company’s top customer is the Border Patrol. Fixture burn-in during testing of all TOMAR products ensures accurate and trouble-free performance for the life of the strobe. The company’s products are backed by some of the longest warranties in the industry.

TOTU S Solutions
TOTUS Solutions used GovSec West to feature an interesting and lighting-based security platform called Active Deterrence. Instead of being a reactive measure to prevent crime, the platform integrates LED-based street lighting, megapixel IP video cameras, NVRs, multiday media storage and secure wireless communications with EAP (Event-Action-Processing) to actively prevent and deter crime. One of the major segments of the government security market that TOTUS focuses on is public transportation. While having to contend with budget cuts, cities and municipalities still have to worry about increasing ridership while making the stations safe and secure. TOTUS’s Integrated Surveillance Platform is designed to accomplish just that.

This article originally appeared in the December 2012 issue of Security Today.


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