A Hidden Gem - To keep the technology at the forefront of managed services, SDC has teamed up with CheckVideo, and deployed its Cloud VMS remote monitoring software platform.

A Hidden Gem

Tucked neatly in the Dallas suburb of Richardson, Texas, Southwest Dispatch Center (SDC) is on the leading edge of technology for its monitoring clients predominantly in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri and New Mexico. It is a regional monitoring center that has all the bells and whistles that the Big Boys offer.

SDC works with more than 500 dealers, and has more than 85,000 accounts that employees monitor every day. The core proposition is to give their dealer network innovative technologies and unsurpassed customer service. With a wide variety of services, dealers have the ability to offer their customers more options.

To keep the technology at the forefront of managed services, SDC has teamed up with CheckVideo, and deployed its Cloud VMS remote monitoring software platform. This is a complete suite of online-based VMS, negating the need for additional on-site hardware or any downloaded apps used on a smartphone or tablet-type devise. The Cloud VMS is available through just an Internet connection, and the package includes setup, configuration connect, overall video management to include alert scenarios, a video search engine, storage, and an alert system where messages are sent out via smartphone or whatever medium the end user wants to provide.

It is a program that offers video verification when an area in view has been compromised. It allows SDC operations to view short clips of an event and to alert the client of trouble on the property and send video clips to the client if needed.

“When we are notified of an event, we know that some type of action needs to happen right away,” said Chip Bird, president of SDC. “When the software produces an event, our operators see the action pattern, identify what is happening and take the necessary precautions. We notify the client and/or guard services, property manager or law enforcement.

“We have a routine that we follow, customized by individual clients. Because we offer video verification, an event that is verified goes to the top of the list as far as law enforcement is concerned. If need be, we send that clip to police, and they verify the significance of the video clip.”

Bird is completely involved in allowing dealers to have a monitoring center that will react to their specific needs. In other words, no two dealers are alike and the way that SDC responds to a dealer is unique to their individual needs.

“Having been with an installing company using an offsite monitoring facility, I felt there was a need in this industry to have a central station that allowed dealers the ability to have the central station done their way,” Bird said. “Southwest Dispatch Center was founded with the philosophy that the central station works for the dealer. I believe you, the Alarm Dealer, are the most important part of my business. It is my goal to provide the dealer services that will save them time and allow them to make more money.”

SDC offers training for dealers that will benefit them in selling the product. Training takes place in the Richardson office park, which includes the specifics of the CheckVideo product and how to use it. Part of the training is learning how to reduce false alarms by using the Cloud VMS gateway.

“Working closely with the dealer is what makes the system work,” Bird said. “A verified video response always makes security a little tighter; a little stronger.”

In fact, when there is a notification from SDC to the end user, the dealer involves remains in the loops in order to be able to take care of the customer. Every dealer in the SDC portfolio falls in line with the concept of offering the best customer service during the install, and after the sale. The dealer, after all, has a listening ear with SDC management, and will have things done their way.

Cloud VMS, available only as a component of CheckVideo solutions, has been a lifesaver for SDC, and for their dealer network. Bird said the software platform will allow dealers to be dedicated to their customer base as well as being committed to the overall technological improvements in the industry. The fact is, customers care about the video they receive, and this allows the dealer network to be proactive in making sure the end user has the best product available.

Cloud VMS allows a central station operator to work with the end user in defining video parameters so that when an incident occurs, the operator’s screen will notify them of an action that needs attention. False alarms are a nuisance but with Cloud VMS, the frequency of false alarms decreases significantly. Law enforcement does not like false alarm, understandably, but highly favor video verification of an incident in progress.

“Video verification has improved the quality of service that we provide during the last five years,” Bird said. “We monitor the full range of all our contract security service solutions. Our approach allows us a continual focus on providing a customer intense response to monitoring while providing you with the support and means to increase your revenue.”

The goal of customer service is pretty simple at SDC. The alarm dealer is the most important part of the business, and their commitment to the dealer is to offer valuable multi-faceted services and support to save time and help promote increased revenue. SDC maintains a forefront approach to offering the up and coming industry services. Virtual receiver technology eliminates the need for the old hunt group scenarios that limited the number of calls to be processed by the receiver. Bandwidth efficiency is increased to receive and process alarm transmitter messages through its smart memory solutions.

Southwest Dispatch is in a perfect situation and location in the security dealer industry. They are savvy with today’s technology, and they reside in the middle of the Dallas, or Richardson, technology corridor.

This article originally appeared in the January 2016 issue of Security Today.

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