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Designing power and transmission solutions from the beginning

Physical security systems continue to migrate to the network, enabling overall better integration, performance and improved total cost of ownership. Nowhere is this more evident than with the proliferation of IP cameras. In fact, according to market research by IHS Markit, there are approximately 62 million security cameras in North America alone. While networked cameras accounted for only 17 percent of that total in 2012, IHS Markit research now reports that networked cameras total 34 percent of the market compared to analog cameras.

The deployment of IP networked surveillance cameras is expected to grow, due in part to security end user demands for IP systems that can provide excellent image quality, increase situational awareness by extending the physical reach of their surveillance capabilities, and provide greater flexibility and unlimited scalability. Adding to the list are higher levels of integration and system intelligence, such as analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities for myriad applications that go beyond traditional security and surveillance. Yet one of the primary challenges of employing IP-networked cameras and other devices lies in their requirement for high-quality power and transmissions solutions that enable them to perform the way they were intended.

Earning Industry Respect

For more than 30 years, Altronix has continued to design and manufacture power and transmission products that have earned the industry’s respect for quality and reliability backed by lifetime warranties. The company’s turnkey manufacturing process, from the board level through final product assembly and packaging, not only leads to new mainstream products but also ensures that high-quality controls are adhered to for extreme product reliability. On-site product design, manufacturing and testing also enables the company to stay ahead of the curve and quickly react to customer requests when they arise. Close relationships with recognized testing labs help to ensure that their products comply with rigorous installation mandates.

In addition to its own internal team of experienced R&D engineers, Altronix drives new product development through a number of factors. These include: company sales engineers working in the field to assist system installers, integrators and design professionals with their challenges and who provide feedback on their solutions; daily contact with front-line users who provide valuable input on their specific needs; and partnerships with other industry leading manufacturers to stay ahead of new technology trends and developments.

Unique Combination of Features Required

These invaluable sources of input provide company engineers with a continual stream of information for the company’s research and development team. The result is a number of new product and technology innovations that meet longstanding and emerging challenges. A perfect example is the recently introduced OLS120D2 power supply. This came about when a systems integrator working on a large international airport installation inquired if there was a power supply that provided a very specific list of features.

Although the industry offers a long list of power solutions designed specifically for access control applications, this request called for a rather unique combination of features that simply was not available. Having all of the technology required to meet the need, Altronix engineered the solution and shipped it to the integrator to test, where it was quickly approved and to put into production for a fast turnaround. Seeing that this otherwise custom product had widespread applications, the company added the newly created OLS120D2 to its general product offering in several configurations.

Another example came from feedback received from sales engineers working across the country. The engineers realized there was large market demand for the ability to transmit large amounts of video and data with power over long distances. Composite cable provides the ideal infrastructure for this application, as it combines fiberoptic and copper cabling to simultaneously deliver low-voltage power and data at distances beyond a mile.

To meet this specific challenge, NetWay Spectrum was developed. It makes it easier to utilize fiber for numerous applications with features such as battery backup for remotely deployed devices. In addition to solving the data and power transmission challenge using composite cabling, NetWay Spectrum has also grown into a series of hardened switches that enables enhanced IP camera deployment using conventional fiber cabling and localized power.

Reaping the Benefits

Another significant solution resulting from the migration to IP networked systems is the development of LINQ technology, which delivers remote monitoring, reporting and control of individual or multiple groups of IP cameras and devices across any number of locations and systems. This provides users and installers with remote access to real-time data from power supplies to help ensure that systems are running at optimal levels, as well as the ability to reboot devices and save on expensive and unnecessary service calls. LINQ technology also enables early intervention and preventative maintenance to help ensure stable system operation.

By keeping its finger on the pulse of the physical security industry, Altronix continues to leverage its turnkey R&D, design and manufacturing processes to deliver new and innovative power, transmission and integration solutions and build on its global reputation as the go-to source for power and transmission solutions.

This article originally appeared in the January 2018 issue of Security Today.


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