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This Intelligence Isn't Artificial

Milestone’s annual MIPS event is generally a precursor to what end users and integrators can expect to see this year.

The company has some very ambitious goals, but none that aren't without merit. For example, Milestone will continue its plan of cybersecurity measures, and how to ensure that users of Milestone products are able to stay away from cybersecurity issues. The company had its own cyber attack last year, but true to form from the open platform company, they were very transparent about the situation and quickly provided a fix on how to solve the problem.

In speaking about products and product marketing, two of Milestone’s senior managers talked about going broad with new products and partnering with many other companies in the industry.

Jesper Raebild, director of product marketing, and Jesper Just Jensen, vice president of products, said that the industry is changing, and the security products already in place around the world can now, and are now being used in other areas beyond security.

“Customers are able to use their experience with security solutions to create evidence for law enforcement,” Jensen said. “End users have always had this capability but now that others in a company or a department see what is possible, security solutions are more widely accepted and being used.”

The example was offered when a presentation by Hartford police officer Sgt. Johnmichael O’Hare showed graphics of how the city of Hartford invested in security solutions, after which O’Hare began to realize the full potential of the system. He found a way to purchase more security solutions, by leveraging grants, seized drug money and other options to begin to “clean up his city.” What he found was that as he achieved successes with the security solutions, other city departments became interested in what the solutions could offer them.

Where is Milestone headed? Raebild and Jensen said that Milestone is very interested in the way that the Internet of Things is able to capture many different feeds of data, and that Milestone could be used as the hub to run many different security solutions. The hub would act as the focal point of camera images, data collection and whatever VMS is currently in place.

As expected, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a big topic of conversation during MIPS, and Raebild and Jensen said that AI will affect every industry; and that it is capable of big things, especially doing the tasks where there might not be value added by humans. In other words, doing the work that humans are not able or do not want to attend because of priorities of current data collection.

“AI will learn about normal behavior and abnormal behavior,” Raebild said. “AI isn’t new. It’s been in place for quite some time but we’re learning how valuable it can and will be as machine learning, and in the case of the security industry, for the date from recorded video.”

Things are going to change, they always have. Speakers at the annual MIPS event have made it clear that change should be expected and that now is the time for humans to learn to partner with not only other security professionals, but with machine learning, AI and other technology.

I have an idea that we’re going to see a lot of new things at the industry’s next tradeshow in Las Vegas in April. Before you head out to ISC West, plan on learning more about Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and neural networks. Honestly, there is nothing artificial about this intelligence.

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Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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