City of Dallas Selects AI Cybersecurity Solution to Fortify Its Critical Infrastructure

MixMode, a provider of AI cybersecurity solutions for real-time detection and response, recently announced that the City of Dallas, Texas has entered into a partnership with MixMode, an advanced AI cybersecurity platform, to bolster their cybersecurity defenses.

"Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure are becoming more sophisticated and common, especially with the increase in AI-driven attacks. Adopting a next-generation threat detection platform is crucial to our ability to strengthen protections of the city's network and systems," said Dr. Brian Gardner, Chief Technology & Information Security Officer (CISO), City of Dallas. "The MixMode Platform equips our Technology Services' Security Operations Center with a comprehensive solution to rapidly identify and respond to cyber incidents, including ransomware and never-before-seen attacks."

MixMode, together with technology service provider Netsync, is delivering a solution and services to aid in the protection of the city's network. The MixMode Platform is the only cybersecurity solution built on Third Wave AI for real-time threat detection and response at scale and is crucial to the City's ability to defend against advanced cyber-attacks.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Real-time threat detection and response for never-before-seen as well as known attacks.
  • Continuous security monitoring of the City's environment, 24/7/365, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of Dallas' security operations.
  • Real-time advanced threat detection across the City's networks.
  • Single pane of glass providing telemetry across the City's north/south/east/west and lateral data.
  • MixMode's innovative AI Platform offers real-time threat monitoring, anomaly detection and behavioral analysis, empowering the City of Dallas to respond quickly and efficiently to potential cyber incidents before they escalate into a major security breach. The Platform's ability to adapt and learn from evolving threats ensures a dynamic defense system that can stay ahead of sophisticated attacks.

    "We are looking forward to partnering with the City of Dallas to aid in the security of their infrastructure," said Ethan Caldwell, MixMode Head of Business Development. "MixMode's advanced AI Platform was designed to evolve with emerging threats to stay ahead of attackers and will empower Dallas' security teams in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape to detect the most adversarial activity. Cities are very aware that they are being targeted with increasingly sophisticated attacks from well-resourced cyber criminals, and we are pleased to partner with one of the nation's leading security leaders, Dr. Gardner, to bring in MixMode as a centerpiece to the City of Dallas' efforts to modernize its cyber security defenses."

    Deployment of MixMode's AI Cybersecurity Platform has begun with ongoing support to ensure a seamless integration and an upgrade to the City's existing infrastructure. This investment reflects Dallas's commitment to safeguarding citizen data and services from disruption.


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