Boon Edam Leverages Strong Q4 with Strategic Investments to Drive Continued Growth

Boon Edam Inc., a manufacturer of secured entry solutions, is setting the stage for what is projected to be the most significant growth period in the company's history in 2024. Driven by a record-breaking Q4 in 2023, the company attributes its strong sales forecast to continued strategic investments in personnel and support services.

"We've not only surpassed our ambitious revenue goals for 2023 but have also laid a solid foundation for an even more exciting 2024," said Patrick Nora, President and Managing Director, Boon Edam USA. “With a phenomenal team in place, we're ready to set new records and continue our tradition of excellence.”

Boon Edam is focusing its vision for 2024 with a strategic investment in talent to support its exceptional forecast, continued growth and future expansion. Staff promotions and new hires include:

Amanda Powell – Promoted to Marketing Manager
Mary Dunstan – Marketing Specialist
Bryan Haring – Enterprise Accounts Technology Specialist
Alex Queen – Regional Sales Manager for the Carolinas/Mid-South Region
Brian Beideman – Regional Sales Manager for the Mid-Atlantic Region
Brandon Uyeno – Regional Sales Manager for the Mountain West Region
Aaron Koenigs – Regional Sales Manager for the Midwest South Region
Erin Siragusa – National Specification Manager
Ashley Pearson – National Account Program Manager

As a testament to the company's resilience and innovation, Boon Edam also credits its optimistic outlook for 2024 to several key factors:

A Robust Pipeline – Boon Edam has strategically positioned itself with a diverse and promising sales pipeline. By staying ahead of market trends and understanding the evolving needs of their clients, the company is well-prepared to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Increased Demand – Boon Edam's commitment to delivering cutting-edge secured entry solutions has resulted in a record backlog of orders. The company feels confident it will exceed expectations for its secured entry solutions because of the trust clients place in the company's products and services.

Exceptional Service – Boon Edam's dedication to providing unparalleled service has been a cornerstone of its success. From project inception to post-installation support, the company's commitment to customer satisfaction has been a driving force behind its strong performance.

Investment in Talent – Boon Edam's existing investments in its workforce have already paid off, with a highly skilled and motivated team driving the company's success. The emphasis on professional development and creating a positive work environment has resulted in increased efficiency, innovation, and customer satisfaction.


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