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Analysis: Advanced Technology, Interoperability Key For Growth In U.S. Airport Security Screening Markets

With the establishment of the TSA, airport security has grown in prominence as the most visible aspect within the realm of homeland security. In the United States, the checked baggage market is nearing critical mass, witnessing a slow decline. On the other hand, the checkpoint screening market is poised for steady growth due to increased focus and spending in this segment by TSA.

GVI Security Solutions Samsung Cameras Selected by Major Air Freight Operator

GVI Security Solutions, Inc., a provider of video security surveillance solutions featuring the complete Samsung Electronics line of products, announced that their Samsung Electronics cameras have been selected for an extensive, ongoing video surveillance upgrade and expansion project by a major United States based air freight operator.

South Africa Airport Taps DVTel For Security Expansion

The O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa, is undergoing a major security project upgrade, adding to an existing DVTel video surveillance system already installed in the domestic and international terminals.

Eyes in the Sky

About 700 cargo containers, some weighing as much as 80,000 pounds, flow to and from the rail yard at the international marine terminal in Norfolk, Va., each day. In the months leading up to the Christmas season, that number can surge to more than 900 containers per day.

Driving Forces

The Cayman Islands are a popular Caribbean getaway, so it’s not surprising that Owen Roberts International Airport is extremely busy for its size. Located on the southwest end of the largest island, Grand Cayman, the airport handles approximately 1 million passengers through its five boarding gates and facilitates 30,000 takeoffs and landings each year. The airport’s current 60,000-square-foot terminal has been welcoming passengers since 1985.

Seattle-Tacoma Airport Chooses Pivot3 Technology For Security Upgrade

Pivot3 recently announced that the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport selected Pivot3 Serverless Computing for a project that transitioned its highly critical surveillance environment from analog to digital while preserving the existing investment in analog cameras.

Tag, You're It

Prevailing international aviation rules mandate 100 percent screening for outbound carry-on baggage. Modern screening techniques involve X-ray or other imaging systems combined with chemical sniffers for scent or trace detection, physical search and permissible item restrictions. During the process of going through security, it is easy to associate a problem bag with its owner to resolve any violations.

India Airport Taps ADT Security For Surveillance, Access Control System

ADT Security has won the contract to provide the access control and video surveillance security systems to the new terminal 3 in Indira Gandhi International Airport, slated to open in March 2010.

DHS Announces More Than $500 Million In Preparedness Grants

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently released application guidance for more than $500 million in Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) preparedness grants for fire station construction, port and transit security -- funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Attention in the Terminal

JetBlue Airways' new Terminal 5 accounts for 30 percent of JFK International airport's total traffic with its 26 gates, capable of handling more than 500 flights daily. Keeping a watch on an estimated 20 million passengers per year who pass through 40 ticket counters and the central security checkpoint— the largest in the United States with 20 screening lanes—was a challenge for the JetBlue security team in planning the terminal's surveillance system.

Orsus To Provide Situator Technology At Cyprus Airports

Orsus recently announced it has partnered with Israeli-based systems integrator Orad to implement Situator at two airports in the Republic of Cyprus, Paphos and Larnaka International Airports.

TSA's Secure Flight Enters First Public Phase

Passengers encouraged to book travel using name on government ID.

Munich Airport Rolls Out Thermal Camera Technology

Munich Airport, officially named Franz Josef Strauss Airport, is located 28 kilometers northeast of Munich, Germany. Munich Airport is the second busiest airport in Germany in terms of passenger traffic (34.5 million in 2008), after Frankfurt International Airport.

American Science And Engineering Demonstrates New Parcel Inspection Systems

American Science and Engineering Inc. recently announced the introduction of two new Gemini Parcel Inspection Systems: Gemini 7555 and Gemini 100100. These systems along with the Gemini 6040 provide customers with a selection of systems to inspect everything from mail, baggage and break-bulk cargo within mailrooms, lobbies, checkpoints, airports, high threat facilities and other security-sensitive areas.

Overnight Delivery

With thousands of packages moving through its European hubs every hour, security has always been a top priority for DHL Express, an international road-, air- and rail-based courier and express service.

Amsterdam Airport To Test Iris Recognition Systems

Sarnoff Corp., a provider of iris imaging technology, recently announced it has been selected by the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to test its Iris on the Move (IOM) Portal iris recognition system.

Sophisticated Screening

Traditionally, aviation security checkpoints have focused on searching for metallic items and explosives using walk-through metal detectors and X-ray technology. However, as terrorists become more sophisticated, the need for better explosive-detection technologies that can detect an increasing variety of threats, including improvised explosives materials such as triacetonetriperoxide, is emerging.

Brain Power

Security directors face large problems in large facilities. Officials at airports, seaports, industrial facilities and other large installations deal with a unique set of security problems. They also have a unique set of limitations. They must protect against a variety of security threats, many of which are unknown, and they must address these issues with limited manpower. They also are dealing with creative enemies who are always adapting and enhancing their sly methods.

GovSec Summit Looks At Role Of IP-Based Security

We are receiving a phenomenal response to our IP Summit, scheduled for March 11, at GovSec. The interest generated and number of registrants has been impressive but also anticipated.

Smart Card Alliance Calls For Review Of EPC Gen 2 RFID In Identity Documents

Recent headlines have confused U.S. electronic passports -- the passport books with the blue cover and the small gold e-passport icon -- with the new U.S. Passport Cards and Enhanced Driver’s Licenses (EDL) already being issued as border crossing credentials by some states.

Toronto Airport Deploys Quantum Secure Identity Management/Access Control System

Quantum Secure recently announced it has deployed its SAFE software suite for Toronto Pearson International Airport, the busiest airport in Canada.

Aimetis Platform To Be Installed At Munich Airport Terminal

Aimetis Corp., a provider of intelligent IP video surveillance software, recently announced that Aimetis Symphony will be installed as the video surveillance software platform in Munich Airport’s Terminal One.

No Excuse Security

I'll be the first to admit that security checks are a hassle.

A Balancing Act

Many of us arrive at the airport extra early, not simply to catch our flights, but to factor in getting through security.

Into the Night

Ensuring the safety and security of air travelers and airport resources is becoming increasingly important, and both federal and state homeland security offices are making upgrading and enhancing security measures at airports a top priority. Organizing appropriate surveillance for such a large area is a daunting task for officials and requires an abundance of manpower and cutting-edge technology to ensure thorough protection.

Xtralis Smoke Detection System Protecting Heathrow Airport Terminal

Xtralis, a provider of intelligent fire detection and security solutions, recently announced that its VESDA Very Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection system has been chosen by BAA to help ensure the safe transit of passengers through the baggage halls of the recently opened Heathrow Terminal 5 in London.

Researchers Find Steps To Improve Facial Recognition Systems At Border Entry Points

Facial recognition systems perform some very challenging tasks such as checking an individual’s photo against a database of known or suspected criminals. The task can become nearly impossible when the systems acquire poor facial images -- a situation that occurs all too often in real-world environments.

Panel: Airport Security Program Places New Emphasis On Stronger Identity Verification

An airport security program under way at Baltimore's Thurgood Marshall International Airport “has put a new emphasis on the need for greater use in airports of stronger identity verification technology,” according to Paul Onorato, president of the Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations.

TSA To Assume Watch List Matching Program

The Department of Homeland Security recently announced the issuance of the Secure Flight Final Rule, which shifts pre-departure watch list matching responsibilities from individual aircraft operators to the Transportation Security Administration and carries out a key recommendation of the 9/11 Commission.

Something Stinks in the X-ray Department

There's something fishy at the Port of Los Angeles. Other than being the nation's largest port, it is using X-ray equipment manufactured in China.

Miami Airport Goes IP

Security convergence has taken a major step at Miami International Airport with Ericsson Federal’s completion of a large-scale customized installation of an integrated digital video, audio and access control system. The deal also represents a substantial inroad by a telecommunications company into security contracting, pointing to the growing significance of large-scale networking experience in security work for major infrastructure points.

Texas Airport Protects Black Hawk Helicopters With Wireless Video Surveillance

Airport officials at the Draughon-Miller Central Texas Regional Airport in Temple, Texas, can now watch over ground crews and protect military assets using a wireless video surveillance network.

Pixim-Powered Cameras Installed At Chinese Airport

Pixim Inc., provider of image sensors and processors for enterprise security cameras, announced that Sunell Group, provider of advanced security and surveillance system products in China, has installed approximately 200 Pixim-powered security cameras in China's Kunming Airport.

Ben-Gurion International Airport Deploys Shoes-On Weapons Metal Detection System

IDO Security Inc., developer of the MagShoe “shoes-on” weapons metal detection system, recently announced that the company’s products have been installed in the main terminal at Ben-Gurion International Airport, Israel’s busiest airport and one of the most secure in the world.

Frankfurt Airport Uses Novell Identity Manager To Improve Security, Efficiency

The operator of the world's eighth largest airport and Germany's largest employer, Fraport AG, has implemented Novell identity and security management solutions to achieve a single point of control for thousands of identities and secure IT resources at Frankfurt Airport.

TSA Deploys QinetiQ North America Technology During Political Conventions

QinetiQ North America's Technology Solutions Group recently announced the Transportation Security Administration deployed its new mass transit security solution at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) to enhance security measures surrounding the Republican National Convention.

Southwest Pilots Launch TSA Demonstration Project To Test Biometric Screening

Recently, a Southwest Airlines pilot was the first aircrew member to be screened by the Transportation Security Administration using an advanced biometric screening system.

Abu Dhabi Airport Company Uses Network Cameras To Monitor Air Traffic Movement

Lumenera Corp., together with Searidge Technologies, recently announced a partnership to provide specialized cameras for Searidge’s suite of airport surface movement control solutions.

One Way Only

Airports are bustling international hubs, some providing services to hundreds of thousands of people from diverse locations on a daily basis. Overseeing airport security is an extremely complicated task, not just in the airport itself, but also on the airplanes.

United Arab Emirates Airport Selects Intelligent Video Management Solution

March Networks, a provider of intelligent IP video and business analysis applications, recently announced that Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) International Airport in the United Arab Emirates has selected the VideoSphere intelligent video management solution to enhance passenger and asset security in its main terminal and adjacent facilities.

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