Airport Security

TSA To Expand Advanced Technology X-Ray, Passenger Imaging Deployment

The Transportation Security Administration recently announced expanded deployment that will bring Advanced Technology X-ray (AT) and Passenger Imaging to 21 of the nation's busiest airports by the end of 2008.

Anchorage Airport To Deploy AMAG Technology's Symmetry Homeland Security Management System

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport has partnered with Siemens Building Technologies to install AMAG Technology’s Symmetry Homeland Security Management System throughout the entire airport.

Spanish Airline Ramps Up Security With Video Analytics

As the largest air transport group in Spain, Iberia Airlines was interested in improving safety in aircraft-only areas, heightening security in the wake of a 2006 car bombing, and preventing theft in its 200,000 square meter facilities. Unhappy with its existing CCTV security system, the organization turned to video analytics software developer Agent Vi when upgrading its security system.

Clear Opens At Salt Lake City Airport, Announces 1 Million Usages

Clear, the fast pass for airport security, announced that its lane has opened at Salt Lake City International Airport.

TSA Expands Testing Of Personnel Screening System

American Science and Engineering Inc. recently announced that its privacy-enhanced SmartCheck Personnel Screening System will be used by the Transportation Security Administration in its next pilot test of passenger screening systems at Los Angeles International Airport.

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority Uses Biometrics To Verify Airport Worker Identity

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) has awarded Unisys Canada Inc. a contract to supply, integrate and manage a new identification management system, using fingerprint and iris biometric technology to verify the identities of airport workers at 29 airports throughout Canada.

Explosives Trace Portal Trialed At Orange County Airport

Syagen Technology Inc. conducted a trial deployment of its Guardian Explosives Trace Portal system, in collaboration with the John Wayne, Orange County Airport in California.

ObjectVideo, ESP Group Partner To Provide Surveillance System For Norwegian Airports

ESP Group and ObjectVideo recently announced the companies have partnered to provide a complete video surveillance system with embedded video content analysis to 40 Norwegian airports.

Fasten Your Seatbelts

The inconveniences— and absurdities—that travelers face just to get through that checkpoint line seem to increase each year.

Awash in Wasted Cash

Since Sept. 11, 2001, our nation has been obsessed with air-travel security. Terrorist attacks from the air have been the threat that looms largest in Americans’ minds. As a result, we’ve wasted millions on misguided programs to separate the regular travelers from the suspected terrorists—money that could have been spent to actually make us safer.

DHS Announces Aviation Security, Traveler Screening Changes

The Department of Homeland Security recently announced improvements aimed at strengthening aviation security while decreasing the hassle factor for travelers.

Advanced X-Ray Checkpoint Deployed At Albuquerque Airport

Smiths Detection, part of the global technology business Smiths Group, recently announced the first deployment of its Advanced Technology (AT) X-ray systems in the United States.

Random Information Helps Improve Security At Los Angeles International Airport

There’s safety (and security) in numbers -- especially when those numbers are random. That’s the lesson learned from a DHS-sponsored research project out of the University of Southern California. The research is already helping to beef up security at LAX airport in Los Angeles, and it could soon be used across the country to predict and minimize risk.

Stopped In Their Tracks

Before Sept. 11, 2001, perimeter security provided an extra barrier of protection for an airport and its people—typically from hijackers and vandals. Although that is still true, there is now an added threat. Today, we cannot afford to let a terrorist or attacker get near airport facilities, people or passengers. In all too many cases, getting close is all they have to do.

Russian Airport To Deploy Integrated Checked Bag Screening Devices

GE Security Inc. and Moscow International Airport Domodedovo recently announced GE’s Homeland Protection business has been chosen to provide two integrated advanced technology CTX 9000 DSi/XRD 3500 system-of-systems explosives detection solutions to the airport.

Down to Earth

One of the first reactionary attempts to bolster security after 9/11 occurred at airports. Immediately after air service was reinstated, the public saw uniformed Marines armed with M-16s at every security checkpoint, concrete barriers at each entry point, security guards ransacking passengers’ luggage and, of course, taller fences going up around airfield perimeters. As with most things in life, an unexpected event usually generates an unexpected— and sometimes irrational— response. Such was the case with the nation’s aviation facilities.

Where Checkpoint Screening Goes Wrong

The last thing you want to find out while flying from one city to another is that airport security has been compromised. With so many people choosing flights as a preferred mode of transportation, airport security is paramount.

Sky Raiders

Today’s airports are at the frontline of homeland security. Checking for shoe bombs, banned liquids and suspected terrorists are part of the daily routine for airport security personnel. In fact, airport vulnerability has become such an issue that the Department of Homeland Security assigns the airline industry its own threat level designation. For example, airports can be assigned to threat level orange, meaning “High Risk of Terrorist Attacks” while the rest of the nation is at yellow, or “Elevated Risk.”

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