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Profile of a Modern Terrorist

Profile of a Modern Terrorist

Learn what terrorists believe, their goals, timeline and tactics, and last but certainly not least, how to protect ourselves against terrorism.

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Most-read articles of 2103 are about airport security, iPhones, social media, guns, TSA, Android and Homeland Security.

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FBI Special Agent Discusses Counterterrorism at GovSec West 2013

Kevin Kolbye, as assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s Dallas office, spoke about the FBI’s counterterrorism efforts.

Access control solutions are a culmination of years of fine tuning and installation experience

Monitoring Detainees

As a part of the GSA-led effort to bring federal buildings in compliance with the Homeland Security Presidential Directive, (HSPD-12) Vector Electric Inc. (VEI) was asked to explore the possibility of adding additional features to the standard FIPS-201 access control systems being upgraded at a number of Customs and Border Protection, Port of Entry (LPOE) facilities.

Stopping Truck Bombers

Stopping Truck Bombers

The following provides examples in which highly-secure, crashrated, vehicle barricade systems and bollards have saved lives as well as buildings and property from the destruction of attacks.

Putting PIV Cards to Practical Use

Putting PIV Cards to Practical Use

The government recognizes the need to increase security for cyber and physical assets so counter measures to reduce, mitigate and eliminate external and internal terrorist threats have been, and remain, paramount.

McAfee CTO to Lead US Cybersecurity Efforts

McAfee CTO, Phyllis Schneck to Lead US Cybersecurity Efforts

Phyllis Schneck, PhD, chief technology officer and VP at McAfee named new head of cybersecurity.

Trapping Terahertz Rays for Better Security Scanners

Trapping Terahertz Rays for Better Security Scanners

Terahertz waves, which are electromagnetic waves with frequencies between those used for mobile phone communications and for optical fiber communications, are used for some airport body scanners and other security scanners to see through packages and clothes.

Intelligent Protection - The next generation of Intermodal security

Intelligent Protection

Cargo theft is the costliest crime in America, reporting an estimated $25 billion in merchandise stolen, with incidents on the rise, according to the International Cargo Security Council.

To Store and Protect

IP surveillance allows port officers access to relevant information from anywhere at any time, and delivers automatic incident alerts and alarms to reduce incident response times.

3D Printed Guns Topic of Bulletin from Homeland Security to Law Enforcement

3D Printed Guns Topic of Bulletin from Homeland Security to Law Enforcement

Are 3D printed guns the next nemesis for the Department of Homeland Security along with state and federal law enforcement agencies?

grabbing a slice of government pie

Grabbing a Slice of Government Pie

Despite the economic uncertainty in our nation’s capital, there is still plenty of upside to government security spending in fiscal 2013 with opportunities to be awarded significant contracts.

evolution of the face

Evolution of the Face

Are our faces now like bar codes, easily scanned and instantly traceable? Not quite. But face recognition has grown into a tool that every investigator can benefit from.

Operation bunkers - first responders can make a difference if properly protected

Operation Bunkers

Portable bunkers provide first responders the ability to make a difference in the early stages of critical crisis response. If staged in schools, airports or a mall, these tools become a needed resource for first responders regardless of the level of training or the equipment they may have.

TSA Will Allow Airline Passengers to Carry Small Knives on Planes

Passengers Will Be Able to Carry Small Knives on Planes

For the first time since the 9/11 terror attacks, airline passengers will be allowed to have small knives and some previously prohibited sports equipment as carry-on items.

Who is Hacking into US Critical Infrastructures

Who is Hacking into US Critical Infrastructures

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has released a statement that cyber-attacks on critical U.S. infrastructure have jumped 52% compared to last year.

PureTech Systems Provides Perimeter Surveillance for Texas Water Utility

PureTech Systems, specializing in wide-area surveillance software, today announced two completed installations of its PureActiv system for a major undisclosed Texas water utility.

Situational Awareness

Due to increases in maritime commercial trade and related terrorist activity, challenges to maritime security have produced a demand for better and smarter technology to support our forces and protect our offshore assets.

DHS Creates Low-Cost Device for Dismantling Pipe Bombs

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate’s (S&T) new low-cost device for dismantling dangerous pipe bombs may look like a tinkerer’s project, but that’s no accident.

U.S. Army Soliders Complete Training for Raytheon JLENS System

In June 2012, the first class of U.S. Army soldiers completed mission operator training on the Raytheon Company JLENS elevated, persistent over-the-horizon sensor system.

  • The Power of the Open Platform The Power of the Open Platform

    In this interview, sponsored by OpenEye, Eric Fullerton addresses the specific advantages of an open platform solution. He also talks how an end user can streamline operations and reduce cybersecurity risk in the cloud. Reducing the burden on IT will make it easier to manage and maintain video deployments and integrations of all sizes.

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