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New Jersey Performing Arts Center Upgrades To Hybrid Surveillance System

North American Video announced recently it has been awarded the contract to upgrade the video surveillance system at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

Pulling the plug in SBInet

Pulling the Plug

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has halted funding for the Secure Border Initiative-Net, a system of towers, cameras, radar and sensors initially hailed as "the most comprehensive effort in the nation's history" to assist northern and southern border agents with curtailing illegal immigration.

Indian Cities Deploy DVTel Technology For Traffic Management, Security

DVTel Inc. recently announced that the DVTel intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) has been deployed in four Indian cities -- New Delhi, Dehradun, Kashipur and Rudrapur. Optimum Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd. served as the security integrator of record for the projects in Dehradun, Kashipur and Rudrapur and has been instrumental in growing the project in these cities.

Keeping Pace with Regulations

The events of Sept. 11 heightened the federal government’s attention to security procedures at chemical/petrochemical facilities and required officials at LyondellBasell to take a fresh look at methods used to secure their facilities.

Researchers Looking At Optimal Dynamic Detection Technology For Next-Generation Bomb Identification

For anyone who has spent a significant amount of time in an urban setting, the scene of a bomb squad responding to a report of a suspicious package might be all too familiar. But just how is it determined that the lunchbox left under the park bench is just leftovers -- or a lethal weapon? The most common way is spectroscopy.

Minneapolis/St. Paul Transit Authority Implements Nextiva Transit Video Solution

Verint Systems Inc. today announced that the Metropolitan Council in Minneapolis/St. Paul is implementing the Nextiva Transit video solution from Verint Video Intelligence Solutions.

DHS Announces New Enhancements To Protect Federal Facilities

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano recently announced two enhancements to federal facility security -- initiatives that further strengthen the Department’s ability to protect thousands of government buildings across the United States one week prior to the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Overcoming Challenges, Finding Unexpected Benefits In CFATS

The Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards are complex and fairly disruptive. Few would argue that. The risk-based performance standards guidance alone is nearly 200 pages long, and many companies have had to re-allocate or hire staff, facilitate training and certification, and contemplate ways to re-imagine corporate processes in order to control access to chemicals of interest.

DHS Initiative Looks To Crowdsource Cell Phones For Detecting Toxic Chemicals

Do you carry a cell phone? Today, chances are it's called a "smartphone" and it came with a three-to-five megapixel lens built-in -- not to mention an MP3 player, GPS or even a bar code scanner. This 'Swiss-Army-knife' trend represents the natural progression of technology -- as chips become smaller/more advanced, cell phones absorb new functions. What if, in the future, new functions on our cell phones could also protect us from toxic chemicals?

Barricades Help Block Attackers During Incident At U.S. Consulate In Pakistan

Delta Scientific recently announced that Delta barricades at the United States Consulate in Peshawar, Pakistan, helped retain the attackers.

Purdue University Deploys OnSSI PSIM Technology

Seeking a solution providing centralized security management and coordination, Purdue University turned to the Ocularis DS video-centric PSIM system from On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc.

DHS Hoping To Understand, Limit Impact Of Chemical, Biological Agent Release In Subway Systems

To limit the impact of similar attacks and determine the best actions to take during a chemical or biological agent release, scientists are investigating how these contaminants would travel through a subway system’s underground tunnel network.


Laying Down the Law

In response to the failed Christmas Day bombing by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Transportation Security Administration has mandated enhanced screening measures at airports nationwide for U.S.-bound passengers traveling from or through state sponsors of terrorism and other countries of interest.

camera lens

An Extra Pair of Eyes

The biggest challenge in outdoor live surveillance for border patrol, Coast Guard and traffic control applications is atmospheric interference from fog, snow or haze. Existing fog cancellation devices are expensive and often require multiple cameras with individual adjustment to each camera.

Border Patrol

The New Detectives

Customs officials used to have to rely on traditional screening technologies that are ill-suited for the customs mission and have produced mixed results. Today, advanced imaging technology in the form of millimeter wave imagers and other devices are emerging as the newest tools in a customs officer's toolkit.

Sea-Tac Airport Selects Genetec’s Omnicast For Major System Upgrade

Genetec announced recently that the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has selected and has recently completed installation of Genetec’s Omnicast IP video surveillance as part of a major video system upgrade.

First Responders, Homeland Security Officials Collaborate In New Virtual Community

First responders can network and collaborate on department policies or homeland security projects easily when they all work in the same office and shift. But, when they all work in different shifts, disciplines, offices, cities or states, suddenly the task grows enormously complex.

Canadian Shopping Center Deploys 100 Percent IP Surveillance Solution

Vancouver Island’s leading fashion focused shopping destination has invested in an IndigoVision integrated IP video security system, in what is believed to be the first mall in Canada to deploy a surveillance solution with 100 percent IP cameras.

Impressive Crowds, Products Mark ISC West's Second Day

The second day of ISC West dawned to the same impressive crowds as the opening morning, and everywhere I looked, I saw busy exhibitors and countless customers (not to mention the occasional harried industry journalist). From the looks of the show floor, business is definitely booming again -- let’s just hope the trend continues through the rest of the year.

Iris Recognition System From Sarnoff Wins Best New Product Award At NPS

Iris on the Move from Sarnoff won the Best New Product Award at the Security Industry Association New Product Showcase on Wednesday.

  • The Z-Wave Alliance Focuses on the Residential Market The Z-Wave Alliance Focuses on the Residential Market

    Mitchell Klein serves as the executive director of the Z-Wave Alliance, an industry organization that drives numerous initiatives to expand and accelerate the global adoption of smart home and smart cities applications. In this Podcast, we talk about the 2022 State of the Ecosystem, and the fact that technology has brought about almost unimaginable residential security resources. The Alliance also provides education resources as well as looking at expanding technology.

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