Wireless Networks

Hacking Vehicles for a Joy Ride

Hacking Vehicles for a Joy Ride

Internet-connected vehicles becoming target for tech-savvy cyber criminals.

Public Wi-Fi Users Neglect Security Precautions

Public Wi-Fi Users Neglect Security Precautions

Some public Wi-Fi hotspots are provided by con artists.

AES Corporation Announces Issuance of a New U.S. Patent

Link Layered Networks extend the functionality and reliability of private wireless mesh radio networks.

Security on Board

Security on Board

Until recently, the Utah Transit Authority’s (UTA) video security system was limited by the capacities of its servers.

AvaLAN Wireless Solves PCI 3.0 Compliance for World’s Largest Retailers

Combination of technologies deliver unique solutions for IoT networking.

MicroPower Technologies Announces Strategic Alliance with TEW Plus

SOLVEIL solar, wireless surveillance solution enhances TEW Plus product portfolio by driving opportunity in the UK.

Verizon Data Breach Study Finds Olds Flaws Still Dangerous

Verizon Data Breach Study Finds Olds Flaws Still Dangerous

The 2015 edition of the DBIR provides insight into the state of cyber-security in 2014.

Live Longer

Live Longer

Americans want to be safe and the FCC is helping. The FCC reserves valuable radio frequencies for public safety authorities that can be used for Ultra-Reliable wireless video surveillance.

Facebook Clarifies Offensive Content Policies

Facebook Clarifies Offensive Content Policies

The social networking site explains why it might or might not remove a piece of content reported as inappropriate or offensive.

Fluidmesh and On-Line Communications Give Metuchen Savings Connectivity They Can Bank On

Existing laser antennas were replaced with a solution that addressed all mandated requirements, time lines and budgetary considerations.

New StarLink CDMA Universal Cellular Alarm Communicator

Verizon network certified and now available.

Changing the Landscape - Wireless intrusion makes a big splash in commercial applications

Changing the Landscape

Wireless intrusion solutions have been perceived as complicated systems with time-consuming installs, and the possibility for strong interference and constant on-site maintenance. However, as technology continues to advance, it has changed the landscape of wireless intrusion and opened the door for commercial applications—making wireless intrusion not only a viable option, but an ideal solution.

Firewall Protection - Vital information among the most coveted resources

Firewall Protection

Money Movers Inc. is a fully PCI DSS compliant Electronic Funds Transfer Gateway processor. In plain English, that means we move a lot of data over a network.

Advantech Launches Fully-rugged Tablet PC for Field Services

Designed specifically for markets such as public safety, utility, inspection and construction.

Fluidmesh Introduces New Low-cost Kit for Point-to-point Applications

Complete with two radios, two mounting brackets and two PoE injectors, kit designed to quickly and cost-effectively create simple wireless links.

Using Bluetooth-enabled Devices as the Key to Remote Monitoring

As the desire to connect more real-world activities to the digital world increases, designers across industries are beginning to look at harnessing this technology as a way to enhance physical security.

Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services Enhanced

Helps security dealers boost RMR and reach new markets while expanding connected home and business offerings with GPS vehicle and asset tracking.

Providing Efficient Technologies

By now, most security professionals are familiar with the two types of wireless that have been used in access control implementations for the last decade or so.

Are DIY Home Security Cameras the Wave of the Future?

Are DIY Home Security Cameras the Wave of the Future?

A group of cheap cameras turns your home into a do-it-yourself security system

Fluidmesh Announces the Release of the FM3200

Available in two versions, this radio can be used to create highly customized point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, mesh and mobile networks.

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