Incident Response

Connecticut Police Chiefs Association Adopts Alarm Ordinance

Recognizing the need to reduce requests for police response to baseless alarm activations, Glen Mowrey of the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) appeared before the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association (CPCA) to discuss initiatives begun by several states to manage and reduce the number of false burglar alarm activations. CPCA then tasked their Private Security Committee to develop an overall approach to alarm management and to create the model ordinance.

Into the Ethernet

Over the past several years, much attention has been paid to the development and deployment of IP-based video surveillance systems. However, the rate of adoption has been slowed in part by the heavy bandwidth consumption of video streams and their resulting adverse impact on the network.

Natural Selection

Video surveillance over IP is the next step in the evolution of CCTV technology. It’s time to enter the era of networked video -- one in which video surveillance and, eventually, the entire security management system are going IP.

A Big Score

The city of Arlington, Texas, is sandwiched between Fort Worth and Dallas, where entertainment is stacked between historical sites and bustling industries, making it a popular destination. As the city grows and foot traffic increases, the Arlington Police Department is constantly looking to improve public safety.

Correction -- Stanley-HSM

In the September issue of Security Products magazine, the booth number for Stanley-HSM at ASIS 2008 was listed incorrectly in the Monitoring supplement. The correct both number is 3111. Security Products regrets the error.

Denver Police Use Video Surveillance System To Help Protect Democratic National Convention

When Barack Obama decided to change the location where he would accept the Democratic nomination for President of the United States only a few weeks before the event, Lt. Ernie Martinez of the Denver Police Department wasn’t worried about changing his surveillance coverage accordingly.

Mobile Monitoring

Internet-enabled products and services are now gaining wider acceptance and delivering better results than before. Remote monitoring services are no exception.

Remote Management Toolkit Designed To Improve Service, Reduce Impact Of Fuel Costs, a provider of digital wireless and Web-enabled security technology for residential and small business customers, recently announced the AirFX Remote Toolkit -- a Web-based tool that lets security dealers program security system settings and troubleshoot many customer issues remotely, without the need for a truck roll., SafetyCare Partner To Offer Monitoring Solution and SafetyCare recently announced a strategic partnership to offer a cost-effective, home-based monitoring and emergency response solution that enables seniors and disabled individuals to live independently at home while staying “virtually connected” to loved ones, professional care providers, and emergency medical response staff who can provide assistance if needed.

Brink’s Home Security Wins First Line Of Defense Award From NBFAA

On May 7, 2007, Julie Bender of Orlando, Fla., spent her morning at gunpoint. Awakened at approximately 4:45 a.m. by noises at her front door, she went to investigate and saw someone breaking through her front door with a sledge hammer. Running into her bedroom, she pressed the panic button on her Brink’s Home Security alarm keypad, and, phone in hand, locked herself in her bathroom while attempting to call 911.

Answer the Call

Across the United States, many cities are successfully reducing false alarm dispatches. Each municipality is attributing success to a variety of reasons: alarm verification requirements, alarm system registration, false alarm fees, alarm user training and improved security equipment technology. Two common reasons cited for this success are the strong collaboration among law enforcement, the alarm industry and alarm users, and the expansion of verified response services by alarm companies.

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions Purchases Retail Branch Business Of National Guardian

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions recently announced the purchase of the retail branch business from National Guardian Security Services located in Norwalk, Conn.

Something Old, Something New

In both life and business, it’s always the lessons of the past that help to guide the future.

In the Public Eye

Building automation has revitalized public safety in Puerto Rico by employing a video surveillance system that improves communication throughout the police force and centralizes public housing issues.

Number Of Wireless Security Alarm Systems Expected To Increase

Traditionally, security alarm systems used fixed telephone lines to pass information from the security alarm panel to a central monitoring facility. Today, however, that communication is increasingly being delegated to a digital cellular link. ABI Research forecasts that the 2007 number of just fewer than 2.5 million wireless security alarm connections will increase to more than 7.5 million in 2013.

Virtual, and Reality

Marquette University may not have Robocop, but school public safety officials are convinced they’ve got the next best thing—a virtual surveillance system that could make a dent in campus crime. What campus today isn’t thinking about and implementing key security plans?

Give and Take

Monitoring is the cornerstone of the residential security industry—whether a dealer is maintaining an account itself or selling the contract to a third party.

Look to the Future

Over the past decade, the security industry has gone through significant changes, driven by the times we live in, technology and end users.

More in Store

Many organizations now require that CCTV video images are recorded and archived continuously from all cameras for 90 days or more. In large systems, this can create a significant storage requirement. The issue is compounded by users wanting to store video at the highest quality and maximum frame rate, particularly in homeland security and law enforcement applications where CCTV footage is required for evidential purposes.

The Power of PoE

With an explosive demand for security monitoring worldwide, cameras are appearing in every conceivable location. The challenge is how to support this rapidly growing infrastructure with affordable and flexible real-world solutions. The adoption of PoE offers new opportunities for the design of products directly powered over Ethernet lines, drastically reducing overall installation and maintenance costs.


New Products

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  • Connect ONE’s powerful cloud-hosted management platform provides the means to tailor lockdowns and emergency mass notifications throughout a facility – while simultaneously alerting occupants to hazards or next steps, like evacuation.

    Connect ONE®

    Connect ONE’s powerful cloud-hosted management platform provides the means to tailor lockdowns and emergency mass notifications throughout a facility – while simultaneously alerting occupants to hazards or next steps, like evacuation. 3

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    Camden Door Controls Application Spec Guide

    Camden Door Controls, an industry-leading provider of innovative, high quality door activation and locking products, has published a new application spec guide for specification writers designing a wireless barrier-free restroom control system. 3