Security Today Magazine Digital Edition - November 2017

November 2017

  • Keeping the Stars Aligned
  • It's a Woman's World, Too
  • 3 Access Control Trends to Watch
  • Are We All in on Security
  • Retail Under Fire


It’s a Woman’s World

Cover Story

It’s a Woman’s World

By Ralph C. Jensen

As with the technology in the industry, times are changing and Nancy Ford, and many other women, are now filling the rank and file of a booming industry.

The New First Responder

The New First Responder

How integrated paging and emergency solutions automate mass notification and communication tasks, reducing security workloads and human error

By L. William Nattress III

People are constantly on the move—particularly in busy transit hubs—and passengers need to know where they should be and by when.

Keeping the Stars Aligned

Consider these best practices to stay on track

By Bruce Czerwinski

Multi-tenant buildings present security challenges not found in single-user facilities. Tenants may come and go at different times.


Industry Professional

Retail Under Fire

What makes enterprise-level merchants vulnerable to cyberattacks?

By Miguel Gracia

A recent data security report, published by Thales, revealed that 62 percent of all retailers worldwide have experienced a data breach within the past year.

Industry Trends

3 Access Control Trends to Watch

Before your next vendor meeting or tradeshow, tune into these defining trends related to door access systems

By Geoff Kohl

hile video surveillance may get all the attention—what with the stunning sharpness of 4K, the immersive experience of panoramic sensors and see-through-the-night capabilities— for most security projects, the door access control solutions are among the most important.

Branch Banking

Industry Vertical

Branch Banking

Using video analytics to re-imagine financial strategy

By Stephen Joseph

While retailers have been incorporating video analytics into their daily operations for decades, financial institutions have lagged well behind the technology curve.

Industry Focus

Are We All in on Security

By Ralph C. Jensen

I suppose it’s only a matter of time before another obscene, violent act will make headlines across the world. I do not wish for this, but these days it seems to be one wave after another.

Networking Security

Getting A Hold On The Bandwith

By Ralph C. Jensen

More than a decade ago, it was all about analog cameras. My, how times have changed. By 2010, IP-based cameras were taking over the security duties, and doing a good job, but there were challenges.

Criminal Intent

Criminal Intent

7 ways criminals are making money from cyber crime

By Andrew Deen

As more of our lives move online, crime has unfortunately migrated to the internet at matching pace taking form in what’s now considered cybercrime.

Held Hostage

Ransomware: How to stop it once and for all

By David Wagner

Ransomware attacks are becoming infamous. As I write now, the Petya attack is unfolding.

The Age Of Collaboration

Connectivity is a hot topic in the IT world

By Mitchell Kane

The organizations of today have a wealth of technology at their fingertips, highlighting new features and advancements that are changing the way these entities do business, how people work and the interconnectivity between the two.

The IP Evolution

Security over the network comes with challenges and accolades

By Brian Simmons

A few advantages with IP-based systems worth mentioning are remote access anytime, anyplace; digital images do not degrade over time; real time analytic capability; and content distributed electronically quickly and easily.

Dealer Strategies

Maintaining Customer Trust

Cover Story

Maintaining Customer Trust

By Ralph C. Jensen

There are a few things you should know about the consulting business in the security industry. First, it is a must to be a trusted security advisor.

Making the Case

Creating a special opportunity for salespeople

By Robert Ogle

Established security integrators often deal with prospects who are also considering solutions that let them eliminate live monitoring and keep an eye on their homes via smartphone.

Biometric Ideas

Biometric Ideas

What every integrator should know about the solution

By Larry Reed

To best leverage the advantages of biometrics, integrators should follow the tips outlined below to take advantage of the primary benefits of biometrics, which are enhanced security and convenience.

Putting the Customer First

By Ralph C. Jensen

Boxerbaum was driven by good work and making the world a more secure place, but he also was a techie interested in futuristic gadgets.

Its Not Just A Turnstile

Its Not Just A Turnstile

Evaluating an entrance location based on end user goals

By Greg Schreiber

Many professionals in the security industry today tend to use the word “turnstile” to refer to all security entrances, when, in fact, there are actually multiple types of entrances for different applications, industries and levels of security.

  • The Z-Wave Alliance Focuses on the Residential Market The Z-Wave Alliance Focuses on the Residential Market

    Mitchell Klein serves as the executive director of the Z-Wave Alliance, an industry organization that drives numerous initiatives to expand and accelerate the global adoption of smart home and smart cities applications. In this Podcast, we talk about the 2022 State of the Ecosystem, and the fact that technology has brought about almost unimaginable residential security resources. The Alliance also provides education resources as well as looking at expanding technology.

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