Security Today Magazine Digital Edition - April 2021

April 2021

  • Transforming Security
  • Driving COVID Adaptations
  • A Capitol Breach
  • Steering the Conversation
  • A Sound Strategy

Cover Story

Transforming Security

Transforming Security

Cloud-based video surveillance will see a rise in investment

By Steve Lindsey

Just three years ago, the “cloud” was a four-letter word in the security industry. After fronting millions of dollars to establish onpremises systems, companies were understandably reluctant to rip them apart for a new approach.


Steering the Conversation

Steering the Conversation

Speaking to what’s important to each stakeholder

By Kevin Taylor

When navigating the Smart City market, it is wise to speak to the priorities and concerns of diverse stakeholders, many of whom might lie outside the security integrator’s traditional business.

A Changing Profile

A Changing Profile

COVID-19 has heightened day-to-day risks

By Andy Bedlack

Healthcare facilities were already a complex security environment due to the number of moving pieces and literal life or death situations faced daily.

The Impact of Coronavirus

The Impact of Coronavirus

Hospitals have struggled to meet growing demands placed on healthcare facilities

By Lisa Terry, CHPA, CPP

The pandemic compelled hospitals to increase safety and security measures. The role of the security professional has been redefined and prioritized to support more patient care related activities.

A Healthier Facility

Simple upgrades you can implement today to make your site more secure

By Mark Duato

Amid the health, economic, natural, and social crises we’ve experienced in the past year, the critical role that security plays in creating safe and healthy environments is more apparent than ever.

Driving COVID Adaptations

The impact of tailgating and touchless technology now take on a new importance

By JC Powell

Our recent physical security survey clearly revealed a challenging nexus between security and safety that has only been exacerbated by the continued onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

The heavy cost of inventory that retailers make

By Fawzia A. Atcha, Ph.D.

Last year brought tremendous challenges for everyone, especially retailers. Retail shrinkage, the reduction of inventory from shoplifting, fraud and internal theft, is estimated to have cost the industry $61.7 billion according to a 2020 National Retail Security Survey, an all-time high.

A Capitol Breach

A Capitol Breach

What the security community needs to take from the Capitol Hill breach

By Steven Van Till

On Jan. 6, the U.S. Capitol security perimeter was breached and the nation watched as multiple levels of security failed.

A Sound Strategy

A Sound Strategy

Having the ability to integrate key control with access control systems enables organizations to address health issues, robust COVID-19 contact tracing

By Tim Purpura

No matter the security criticality of your facility or the sophistication of your security system, simple key control is a foundational process of physical key management that helps control access to crucial assets, people, information and spaces.

Actionable Intelligence

Turning misconceptions of AI into dynamic security solutions

By Bill Brennan

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay, as new AI-driven solutions are pervasive across every category of professional and consumer electronics today.

Going Beyond Retail

Going Beyond Retail

Turning security cameras into tools of intelligence

By Tom Hesterman

Physical security infrastructure has traditionally been seen as a sunk cost; an expense that represents a cost of doing business.

Running the Gauntlet

Running the Gauntlet

Back to work needs to be well and good

By Jeff Nigriny

Not long ago when visiting a colleague’s office, it was protocol to arrive early to run the gauntlet of the visitor management check-in that awaited, a process that might gladly be endured now if just for a brief return to some normalcy.

Current and future uses in the commercial security industry

On a Cloud of its Own

Current and future uses in the commercial security industry

By Kim Hartman

Cloud-based technology and solutions have become more and more mainstream, especially in the commercial security industry.



Absolute Capitol Security

By Ralph C. Jensen

Here we go again, but this time security is prepared at the Capitol. Apparently, the chatter among extremists groups have been talking about possible plots of illicit activity in Washington, D.C.


Protecting Critical Infrastructure

By John Nemerofsky

Virtually every U.S. citizen counts on the nation’s critical infrastructure for services and products that touch their lives daily.

  • Securing Entertainment Venues Securing Entertainment Venues

    One thing entertainment venues, sports stadiums and theme park officials want to accomplish is getting people back into their seats. That is happening today—but not without understanding and technology. In this episode, AJ DeRosa shares his insight on how COVID-impacted businesses are able to face safety and security issues with confidence and technology. We also discuss visitor expectations and how venue officials can ensure their space is secure as they welcome visitors back.

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