Security Today Magazine Digital Edition - September October 2023

September / October 2023

  • PIAM 2.0
  • Navigating Patient Safety
  • Staying Safe by Staying Ahead
  • Getting More from Your Data
  • Banking on the Cloud

Cover Story

PIAM 2.0

PIAM 2.0

The new science of physical access management post COVID-19

By Ajay Jain

Security professionals understand that the fundamental objective of both physical and logical access control is to safeguard people, property, assets and things by preventing unauthorized entry. However, digital transformation is changing everything.


Staying Safe by Staying Ahead

Staying Safe by Staying Ahead

Taking a quick look at emerging technologies and other issues

By Peter Boriskin

Security and safety in a fluid world of potential threats will always be a work in progress – an effort that requires our industry to be ever-vigilant, constantly leveling up and proactive in the development of even better solutions.

Making the Case for Cloud Security

Making the Case for Cloud Security

What to keep in mind when deploying your cloud security and surveillance strategy

By Aaron Saks

The cloud continues to be a major topic of discussion across the security and surveillance industry. Cloud adoption rates are continuing to increase as many customers move past earlier concerns about cloud security and reliability and begin to realize the significant benefits that come with the cloud: efficiency, scale, and cost savings.

The Best Line of Defense

The Best Line of Defense

Keeping Ransomware threats exactly where they belong

By David Boland

Of the many challenges plaguing the security industry today, stricter compliance regulations are a top concern for many administrators. A main reason for this is because the longer data must be retained, the longer the window of opportunity for a cyberattack grows.

A Focus on Body-worn Cameras

A Focus on Body-worn Cameras

Transparency improves public trust in police, provides fairer investigations

By David O’Connor

The use of body-worn cameras (BWCs) by law enforcement officers has gained significant attention and popularity. These small cameras, usually attached to an officer's uniform or equipment, record audio and video footage of interactions with the public.

Contraband in Our Prisons

Contraband in Our Prisons

AI many be the solution for finding concealed drugs

By Karen Kingham

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse in the United States, the National Center for Health Statistics quote that more than 106,000 persons in the United States died from drug involved overdoses in 2021.

Getting More from Your Data

Getting More from Your Data

Plan a head start by maximizing your unified physical security information

By Charles Pitman

Security organizations are sitting on a goldmine of data collected by cameras, VMS, access control systems (ACS), automated license plate recognition (ALPR), intrusion systems and other connected devices.

Navigating Patient Safety

Privacy in healthcare with advanced video technology

By Christina Molt Wengel

At the core of any hospital's successful operation are its diligent staff members. These individuals, ranging from receptionists to nurses and doctors, work tirelessly to deliver the best possible care experience for their patients.

Banking on the Cloud

Banking on the Cloud

Cloud migration flourishes, but some cybersecurity questions persist

By Hans Kahler

Walk the GSX or ISC West show floor and you will see ample evidence that cloud has arrived. Cloud (and cloud-like) video surveillance providers are entering the market and exhibiting at trade shows.

Streamlining an Empire

Streamlining an Empire

How electronic key management can assist companies one at a time

By Raffaele Ceravolo

EmpireCLS, a world leader in chauffeured transportation services for nearly 40 years, pledges to "provide exceptional chauffeured hospitality every day, which reflects their core values of personalized service, safety, security, innovation and dedication," according to their website.

The Evolution of Scene Intelligence

The Evolution of Scene Intelligence

How video analytics are becoming smarter and more accurate

By Robert Muehlbauer

Remember the early days of video analytics? All the alerts triggered by a passing shadow? Or leaves quivering in the breeze? Even a car with bright headlights driving by?



Stand Your Ground

By Ralph C. Jensen

A part of Paradise resembles a war-torn landscape as fire has ravaged Maui, in particular Lahaina. The devastation brings stories of harrowing escape, individual fortitude and neighbor helping neighbor survive.

Save Cities are Smart Cities


Save Cities are Smart Cities

Find additional savings by reducing IP network demand

By Mark Espenschied

In 2023, managing financial resources is increasingly critical for everyone. A key to affordable smart security is to use automated and intelligent tools to reduce costs. In municipalities, the idea is to use smart video surveillance systems to trigger event notifications and reduce the need to pay large numbers of staff to watch all the cameras, all the time.


New Products

  • HD2055 Modular Barricade

    Delta Scientific’s electric HD2055 modular shallow foundation barricade is tested to ASTM M50/P1 with negative penetration from the vehicle upon impact. With a shallow foundation of only 24 inches, the HD2055 can be installed without worrying about buried power lines and other below grade obstructions. The modular make-up of the barrier also allows you to cover wider roadways by adding additional modules to the system. The HD2055 boasts an Emergency Fast Operation of 1.5 seconds giving the guard ample time to deploy under a high threat situation. 3

  • EasyGate SPT and SPD

    EasyGate SPT SPD

    Security solutions do not have to be ordinary, let alone unattractive. Having renewed their best-selling speed gates, Cominfo has once again demonstrated their Art of Security philosophy in practice — and confirmed their position as an industry-leading manufacturers of premium speed gates and turnstiles. 3

  • AC Nio

    AC Nio

    Aiphone, a leading international manufacturer of intercom, access control, and emergency communication products, has introduced the AC Nio, its access control management software, an important addition to its new line of access control solutions. 3