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Selecting an Emergency Communications Solution...and Getting the Most Out of It

As organizations continue to mature in the development of Business Continuity plans (people / work group / departments) versus Disaster Recovery plans (technology), the need for mass notification tools has grown. As a result, the number of choices, vendors, and types of solutions is exploding. Large numbers of alternatives are normally an advantage to the buyer, but it can add much confusion when trying to make the right choice.

Breakthroughs in Video Analytics

New WebinarThe use of video analytics is growing rapidly in the surveillance market. It has proven indispensable in high-end security projects, and is becoming increasingly popular in commercial jobs for a wide range of applications.

Business Continuity: Real Plans for Real People

Historically, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans have focused on technology and data, with much less emphasis on the people component.

Combating Counterfeiting

How can you prevent your identification cards from being easy to duplicate? Join Zebra Technologies in our FREE one-hour webinar, “Combating Counterfeiting with High-Security ID Cards,” to learn how a variety of card printing techniques can make it difficult to counterfeit your organization’s ID cards.

The CSI Influence on Video Surveillance: Meeting High-Definition Video Expectations

New WebinarExpectations for video have changed significantly. Unrecognizable video images are unacceptable. High-definition megapixel, video, now a requirement for forensics, surveillance and analysis, is breaking traditional infrastructures.

Workforce Continuity: Keep Employees Safe and Productive During Disruptions

New WebinarWhether a workforce disruption takes the form of a bird flu pandemic, winter storm or transit strike, your business needs to keep running even when your employees can't make it to the office.