On Demand

The Sky's the Limit: Are You Ready for AI-Enabled Cloud Video Surveillance?

Join us for this free webinar as we take a look at cloud based video surveillance, its relationship to AI and what you need to know to begin the transition.

Duration: 1 hour

Secure Your Campus with AI, Cloud

Explore AI's transformative role in campus security. Discover how integrating AI and cloud technologies can enhance surveillance, improve situational awareness, and address the unique challenges on school campuses.

Duration: 1 hour

Push-to-Talk over Cellular – The NEXT Revolution

This webinar will review how PoC works and the key benefits, the different types of PoC devices and systems, and integration options that are available. Learn how PoC radios empower employees in security, safety, facility management, and education with efficient and reliable communications.

Duration: 1 hour

Make Your City Secure

In this free webinar, city of Reno NV, security professional Christopher Harper will share his professional expertise and experiences that enhance risk preparedness.

Duration: 1 Hour