Savi Announces Six Partners For e-Seals Products

Savi Technology recently announced the first six companies that have agreed to license Savi's intellectual property, which is now incorporated into the new global standard (ISO 18185) for electronic cargo seals (e-Seals). E-Seals are an emerging class of active RFID devices with built-in security and tracking features that enhance visibility, security and efficiency of in-transit cargo containers, which account for 90 percent of world trade.

E-Seals combine mechanical locks with wireless RFID communication systems to automatically notify users about security breaches and container locations. Program participants gain access to Savi's patent-protected, intellectual property on how these active, battery-powered RFID tags communicate with readers. Savi Technology launched the program May 1 with its QuickStart program, and continues licensing through its basic program.

"Some 200 million containers flow through the world's ports each year, and the efficient and secure movement of cargo is a United States and global priority," said Pat Burns, Savi's vice president of marketing and licensing. "Savi Technology is committed to building ISO-based RFID networks throughout the world, and having multiple e-Seal licensees with products that can communicate using a standard protocol brings visibility, efficiency and homeland security solutions to customers such as international shippers, government agencies and logistics service providers."

The U.S. SAFE Port Act of 2006 calls for the Department of Homeland Security to define the voluntary use of container security devices in accordance with international standards. USDHS considers ISO 18185 (International Standardization Organization), which enables interoperability of products from multiple vendors, as an applicable container security standard.

Companies named as authorized licensees of Savi's e-Seal RFID patents around ISO 18185 are:

  • Axcess International Inc.
  • Evigia Systems.
  • Envotech Co. Ltd.
  • Identec Solutions
  • KPC
  • SAVR Communications Inc.

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