NEC Develops Multi-Frequency, Multi-Protocol RFID Reader/Writer

NEC Corp. has developed a multi-RFID reader/writer (a device that can both read and write tag data) supporting three major RFID (IC) tag frequencies (13.56MHz, UHF band and 2.45GHz), as well as the world's most used protocols. To further miniaturize and reduce the cost of the multi-reader/writer, NEC plans to commercialize dedicated LSI in fiscal 2008.

With the market exhibiting a mix of RFID tags with different frequencies and protocols, the unavailability of a dedicated reader/writer for all RFID tags has created a bottleneck in expansion of the RFID market. The newly developed multi-RFID reader/writer makes it possible to read and write any RFID tag information contained in any product or item with this one device by supporting all the major RFID tags presently in use around the world. In addition, the new multi-RFID reader/writer is configured to allow easy expansion of functions through the additional installation of new network software, thereby making it unnecessary to replace the reader/writer when new protocol RFID tags are introduced on the market.

"NEC has always been an enthusiastic promoter of products and solutions that incorporate RFID technology through an array of partnerships and collaborative ventures, including the joint development with Toyo Seikan of the world's first RFID tag-embedded plastic bottle cap," said Taiki Matsuo, general manager of the ubiquitous solution promotion division at NEC. "The development of our new multi-reader/writer, which supports a variety of leading global protocols, is an integral part of NEC's commitment to the continued advancement of RFID technology."

NEC will continue to draw on its collective know-how to develop dedicated LSI that will bring about a more compact and low-cost reader/writer. This will enable the device to be embedded into general consumer terminals, such as PCs and mobile phones.

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