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ASK TongFang To Provide RFID Technology For Summer Olympic Games Tickets

ASK TongFang has been selected to manufacture the contactless inlays for 12.2 million RFID tickets at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing.

Tickets include anti-counterfeiting printed security features will be provided by China Bank Note. ASK's partner Tsinghua TongFang will donate the RFID system to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee which including the RFID inlays, gate readers, software and service. Advanced technology such as RFID is part of the security used throughout the Olympic games, and is one of the breakthrough features of the Olympics.

ASK already successfully contributed to the Olympic Games in 2006. For the 20th Olympic Winter Games, Turin public transport authorities and other players implemented contactless technology using ASK contactless cards and tickets.

According to the Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee (BOCOG), security is a high priority in the preparation of the games, and RFID tickets will be used for the sales and verification of tickets to eliminate counterfeiting. The technology provides secure, reliable and innovative services for all visitors attending this major event.

ASK Tong Fang RFID tickets are based on ASK's technology, which uses silver ink printed antenna and flip-chip die attach, manufactured at the joint venture manufacturing plant in Miyun, near Beijing.

"We are really proud to contribute to this national major event with an innovative technology. ASK's technology transfer has been a success and we have been able to demonstrate to the organizing committee all the merits of our technology, the cost-effectiveness of the equipment and the skills of our team", said Gu Qing, ASK Tong Fang general manager.

"The Olympics opening ceremony is organized by a team of four "stars" from China, France, Australia and the US, a multicultural team intended to show that China is part of the modern and changing world," said Bruno Moreau, co-founder of ASK and CEO. "The environment is a global concern. China's awareness on the issue has increased. Our contactless paper tickets have brought to the market a recyclable high technology product for many applications, including access control to major sports and cultural events. We hope RFID technology will contribute to providing easy and secure access for all participants."

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