First Responders In New Mexico Town Use Wi-Fi Communication

Catcher Holdings Inc. has successfully deployed its soon-to-be acquired Vivato Networks' broadband wireless solution to the Los Lunas, N.M. public safety services. The solution comprises 12 Vivato base stations and 17 Vivato micro cells -- and is one of the largest installations of its kind in North America.

First responders in Los Lunas are using Wi-Fi broadband connectivity, rather than traditional radio calls, directly from their laptop computers in emergency vehicles to access FBI databases, department of motor vehicle license plate lookups and other services -- freeing up dispatch to deal with other more pressing 911 emergency situations. As an emergency vehicle is on the way to a crime scene, its personnel can access critical information, so when they arrive at the crime scene, they have all the information required to make split-second decisions.

"We welcome the opportunities represented by Vivato Networks into the Catcher family," said Hal Turner, Catcher chairman and CEO.

"After significant research and testing of competitive solutions, we deployed the Vivato-based solution because of its long-range capabilities and adherence to proposed future Wi-Fi standards," said Los Lunas' Computer Specialist, Martin Callahan. "We've worked with the company's engineers to deliver a remote high-speed wireless solution, increasing public safety and productivity for our first responders."

The village of Los Lunas, located directly south of Albuquerque, has a population of 17,000. It currently has 20 police cars and three fire trucks equipped with the Wi-Fi solution. "This powerful solution delivers tremendous benefits for Los Lunas, already gaining recognition as one of the most-forward thinking communities nationally," said Jade Wilson from Proactive Network Management Corp., a provider of network consulting and network management tools to the public sector. "As we collectively augment the network with mobile solutions, more and more communities will benefit."

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