SkyeTek, Atmel Team To Produce CryptoRF Demonstration Kit

SkyeTek Inc. and Atmel recently announced the availability of the CryptoRF Demonstration Kit, a complete RFID security demonstration featuring SkyeTek's M2 SkyeModule and Atmel's cryptographic RF tag assortment based on the CryptoRF product family.

"With this level of security and privacy protection, SkyeTek and Atmel are breaking down some of the largest barriers to RFID adoption," said Sayan Chakraborty, CTO and Vice President of Engineering at SkyeTek. "The combination of cutting edge cryptographic standards and intelligent reader technology make the CryptoRF Demonstration Kit an ideal solution for customers looking to generate immediate ROI in applications from contactless payment to product authentication."

The CryptoRF Demonstration Kit is a complete RFID solution that allows for quick demonstration and proof-of-concept development when integrating secure RFID into applications or products. Targeted at industries that require secure applications such as contactless payment, product authentication, patient safety, and patron management, the solution will enable customers to easily embed RFID into existing products.

Based on the same security standards used by the Department of Defense and financial sectors, SkyeTek's SkyeModule M2 reader provides support for industry standard security, including TDEA and AES encryption and SHA-1, SHA-2, and MD5 hashing as well as proprietary security. Atmel's CryptoRF tags provide enhanced security through the use of hardware embedded cryptography to provide mutual authentication, data encryption, Message Authentication Codes (MAC) and encrypted passwords. The 7-member family features user memory densities from 1K to 64 bits with customizable security levels and options that include Write Lock Modes, One Time Programmable features and multiple zones each with individually definable access rights. The solution will deliver world-class security capabilities to various industries where privacy and data protection are critical.

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