EMC Announces Managed Availability Services

EMC Corp., an information infrastructure solutions provider, recently announced Managed Availability Services, a new offering designed to help customers manage, measure and improve their business continuity programs.

In the face of complex compliance regulations, increased demands for improved data availability and exposure to potential disasters that could disrupt crucial systems, businesses are increasingly leveraging best practices and expertise of services partners as a means of protecting their critical business information. IT organizations are challenged to apply sufficient focus and expertise to address ongoing business continuity concerns. This can result in lengthy recovery times or exposure to data loss in case of an outage. Challenges include insufficient business continuity staff expertise, inadequately equipped recovery data centers, and cost-effectively meeting rising business expectations.

EMC Managed Availability Services is designed to help companies improve their business continuity programs with dedicated program management teams and subject matter experts who help drive the development of long-term business continuity strategies to improve recovery time and reduce data loss in the wake of a disaster. EMC Global Services offers businesses the advantage of its expertise in managing and storing data that allows customers to turn over the cumbersome management of processes and suppliers, thus allowing internal IT staffs to focus on their core business.

"Improving our business continuity service levels and program reporting is a major priority over the next few years," said Brian Kerwin, assistant vice president of Systems Integration, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island. "We face increasing expectations for availability and recovery of our key systems from our business stakeholders, our customers and our regulatory overseers. "We chose EMC Global Services as our partner in achieving our 5- year vision because of their business continuity expertise and comprehensive experience encompassing people, process and technology considerations."

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