Analog Sunset Date Less Than A Week Away

The Security Industry Association (SIA) is advising consumers and businesses to check with their security system providers to ensure continuation of service, as the February 18 Analog Cellular Sunset date approaches. The sunset date refers to a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decision that allows cellular service providers to shut down their analog cellular networks.

As a result, a small number of alarm systems that rely on analog radio equipment and send a wireless signal using the 800MHz spectrum, may stop functioning as early as midnight on February, 18, as cellular carriers start to take their analog networks out of service.

"The majority of security systems are hard wired to telephone lines and will not be affected," said Richard Chace, executive director and CEO, The Security Industry Association. "However, about 400,000 homes and businesses still remain that have analog wireless alarm connections."

Alarm companies are contacting their affected customers by letter, bill insert, and/or telephone. In addition, "if a consumer has an analog alarm radio that has not been replaced when the analog wireless network is taken out of service, the radio may emit a continuous or intermittent 'beep or warning tone,'" said Chace.

For business owners and consumers who have not heard from their alarm company and believe their alarm systems rely on an analog wireless radio, or if they're unsure about what type of alarm system they have, SIA strongly advises that they contact their company to discuss options for maintaining service.

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