Minnesota Bureau Of Criminal Apprehension To Capture Biometric Data From Entire Hand

L-1 Identity Solutions, a provider of identity solutions and services, has secured a new state-wide contract with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to upgrade its Live Scan Network used for criminal booking.

Working with L-1, Minnesota will adopt a more comprehensive system capable of capturing highly-detailed data from the entire hand, not just the fingerprint, all in one pass.

“The ability to capture the fine detail from a subject’s entire hand can mean the difference between solving a crime and not solving a crime,” Tim O’Malley, superintendent of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension said It's that simple, and that important. The BCA has enhanced the ability to match latent prints collected at crime scenes -- it’s now better than ever. Ultimately, the BCA selected a system that helps us to identify criminals quickly and accurately.”

L-1 Identity Solutions, one of two incumbent live scan providers for Minnesota, was selected o to upgrade the entire state’s criminal booking network. The new system is now capable of capturing all critical hand data from the fingerprint to the carpal crease in a single pass at 1,000 ppi resolution.

“This is an important win for us because it reinforces the trust that the Minnesota BCA has placed in our solutions, working in close partnership with L-1 companies over the past several years to solve a wide range of identity management related challenges,” said Jim Moar, president of Identix, the biometric solutions division of L-1 Identity Solutions.

The TouchPrint High Definition Full Hand live scan system, which is FBI certified for 1,000 ppi image capture and transmission, was introduced in 2006 to address the demand for live scan systems that focused on improving image quality and enhanced identification.

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