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New Incident Command Kit Enables Portable Radio Networks

RELM Wireless Corp. recently announced its Incident Command Kit enabling public safety officers and first responders to get preprogrammed radios and to establish temporary radio networks in a matter of minutes when power and communications have been disabled or in areas beyond home network coverage.

The company will showcase the kit at Booth 1619 during GovSec, U.S. Law and Ready.

The Incident Command Kit is a portable case containing up to a dozen portable radios preprogrammed for operation in the temporary network. The Incident Command Kit can deliver these radios to users in the field during emergency response, and they in turn can connect with each other through the Rapid Deployment Portable Repeater (RDPR), the centerpiece that extends the coverage and reach of the temporary network. The RDPR is also in a weatherproof portable case that can be moved anywhere and set up in a matter of minutes.

“These emergency backup radio network tools serve as an example of how our team at RELM Wireless designs and develops new product ideas and innovations in direct response to the input and real world needs of radio users and emergency responders in the field,” said RELM Wireless president and CEO David Storey. “Public safety radio networks, cellular telephone networks, electrical power facilities, even Internet communications went down during Hurricane Katrina and were not restored for days and weeks in some cases. We have field-tested the RDPR in New Orleans, and these tools could be effective in restoring public safety radio networks right away, without waiting to rebuild base stations and radio towers.

“The Incident Command Kit simply makes it easy to provide preprogrammed radios ready to distribute in the field whenever and wherever needed. The RDPR makes it easy to set up and extend a temporary radio network in the field whenever and wherever needed, without wasting any time. These tools make instant portable radio networks possible, available as a backup or remote extension at a moment’s notice, not only solving but preventing problems as well.”

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