Intelli-Check/Mobilisa Introduces TWIC Card Reader

Intelli-Check/Mobilisa Inc. recently announced that it will be launching its latest product, the IM 2700 -- Transportation Worker Card Reader at GovSec, U.S. Law and Ready. The company is exhibiting at Booth 1443 during the event.

The IM2700 is a rugged, mobile, handheld computer which reads the newly-developed Transportation Worker Identification Credential. The IM2700 can quickly access ID card information via several methods including: 1D and 2D barcodes, magnetic stripe, smart chip, proximity or RFID and biometrics.

Introduced by the Department of Homeland Security, the TWIC was created in an effort to better secure our nation’s port facilities and will be required of all workers -- such as truckers, longshoremen and other port employees -- by September 25.

“As a leader in access-control systems that use government issued ID cards, we recognized early-on the importance of the new TWIC program,” said Dr. Nelson Ludlow, CEO of Intelli-Check/Mobilisa. “Our newest product, the IM2700, builds upon our already successful and proven line of access-control security products for the Defense Department and Law Enforcement and makes them even better. We are excited be the first company to develop a mobile handheld system capable of reading these new cards.”

In order to obtain a TWIC, workers must pre-enroll at designated enrollment facilities and then submit to a background check, as well as submit biometric information such as fingerprints and photographs. The Intelli-Check/Mobilisa IM2700 system reads the encoded information on the TWIC card and verifies the information. Additionally, it has a built-in PIN capability and fingerprint matching to further verify the person’s identity.

The U.S. government estimates that over 1.5 million transportation workers will be required to have TWIC cards.

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