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GovSec 2008 is in the books. I like saying it that way because it reminds me of when I coached baseball. In the books meant it was a good game, and we likely won. GovSec was a good tradeshow, and exhibitors likely won.

A couple things caught my eye from interviews regarding the tradeshow.

Northrup Grumman demonstrated its ability to seamlessly integrate a variety of homeland security solutions into a common situational awareness display via its critical incident response system. Company officials claim this solution combines the best of hardware and software allowing commanders the ability to quickly and intuitively plan, engage and manage emergency situations and complex events.

Called TouchTable, the application enables small group collaboration and discovery at the local site, and remote information sharing over IP to any other TouchTable or IP-enabled device. This means all responders work with the same information.

A homeland security solution that I like is the company’s high altitude, long endurance, fully autonomous Global Hawk. This is an unmanned aerial reconnaissance system designed to provide high-resolution, near-real-time imagery of large graphic areas. It’s a multi-role system which can enhance the military’s peacekeeping missions to full-scale combat.

Imagery from Global Hawk and similar systems can be integrated into a critical incident response system.

Brijot Imaging Systems also offered an interesting solution with its full-motion object detection and people screening technology. This application would likely be used to detect and locate suicide bombs, weapons, liquids and other potential threats on someone in real-time, and from a stand-off distance.

The product uses passive millimeter wave technology to simultaneously detect and unlimited number of items made of metals, plastics, ceramics, composites and many other materials.

All in all, it seems GovSec was a homerun. More to come in my final post April 30.

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