Wireless Technology Enhances Hotel Security

ZigBee technology from Ember is helping hotels keep their guests' valuables safe and secure while providing a better customer experience and more efficient hotel operation. The company partnered with SAFLOK, a hospitality security technology provider, to ZigBee-enable wireless in-room systems around the world.

For example, SAFLOK Messenger can remotely report "door ajar" messages, enable the front desk to remotely cancel keys in the event of a lost master key, remotely add and change room access, and enable real-time staff locating, allowing management to monitor staff or contractors throughout the property.

SAFLOK has implemented Ember's ZigBee technology in its SAFLOK Messenger bi-directional wireless network system. SAFLOK Messenger converts standalone, battery-operated hotel room door locks into intelligent communications devices to streamline security and maximize staff efficiency. It expedites the check-in process, enhances guest convenience, reduces expenses and optimizes staff utilization.

"Providing enhanced guestroom technology that delight guests and improve personnel efficiencies is becoming a competitive differentiator for hotels that are seeking to offer a more up-market experience," said Kerry Hirschy, senior vice president of sales and marketing for SAFLOK. "The beauty of Ember's ZigBee technology is that it enables SAFLOK customers to easily utilize and wirelessly upgrade the systems and infrastructure they already have in place without costly retrofitting to offer that upscale experience."

SAFLOK Messenger uses Ember's EM250 ZigBee system-on-chip and EmberZNet PRO networking software platform, which supports the ZigBee PRO Feature Set, to communicate wirelessly throughout a large facility. ZigBee networks are self-organizing, self-healing and can operate for years on inexpensive batteries, making them ideal for hotels, motels, resorts and other hospitality applications.

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