IP Technology Powers Smart Camera Project

A network of megapixel behavior-recognition smart cameras has been installed at Queen Mary, University of London, one of the UK’s leading research-focused higher education institutions.

The implementation will enable a research team to gather real world data to build models and algorithms for software application development relating to BEWARE (Behavior based Enhancement of Wide-Area Situational Awareness). The project has important implications for security in the UK. The surveillance system is installed by Smart CCTV using IQinVision megapixel cameras managed by Milestone XProtect IP video software.

Dr. Tony Xiang of Queen Mary’s University explained the challenges that the University needed to meet in specifying the technology to achieve the project.

“The problem we want to address is behavior analysis using multiple cameras,” he said. “We need to develop a model for detection and tagging of people across cameras, enabling an automated video analytics system to track the same person between views from camera 1 to camera 2, for example.”

A further objective is to automate PTZ cameras through software instructions linked with the tagging and behavior profiling.

“Camera actions would be determined by the behavior profiling,” Xiang said. “If the smart camera detects suspicious behavior, it will automatically focus on the tagged person.”

Smart CCTV recommended the network of IQeye megapixel IP behavior-recognition smart cameras offering high-definition MJPEG video quality images. Milestone Systems XProtect IP video management system was specified as the recording platform to satisfy the project’s initial aims of watching people, clarifying data and for testing models.

Following training of the research assistants at Smart CCTV’s premises in the UK, the system is working efficiently and the team are using the cameras extensively to capture data.

“We have an obligation to get best value for money and, as a Government Agency, we asked different companies for competitive proposals,” Xiang said. “Smart CCTV was the only company that provided the specialist technology that we needed to complete the project, on time and within budget. We particularly needed an IP-based solution that could be easily integrated with our existing building, cabling and network infrastructure.”

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