RFID Inmate Tracking System To Be Deployed At Puerto Rico Prison

Alanco Technologies Inc. announced recently that its Alanco/TSI PRISM Inc. subsidiary has been awarded a contract by the Weil Group Inc. to design a TSI PRISM RFID inmate tracking system for a prison complex located in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, operated by the Puerto Rico Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Current project plans call for incorporation of TSI PRISM into one, and possibly two, 500-bed facilities of similar design and architecture within the Bayamon complex. The Weil Group, a security systems consulting firm located in Caguas, Puerto Rico, is the prime contractor on the Bayamon project.

“Puerto Rico is the fourth contract awarded to TSI PRISM this year, three of which have been attained through the efforts of security integrators such as the Weil Group, which provide a high degree of expertise and strong customer relationships,” said Greg M. Oester, president of Alanco/TSI PRISM. “This new integrator involvement is indicative of accelerated interest and acceptance of RFID tracking’s value proposition throughout the corrections industry.”

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