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Broadband Wireless Network Enables First Responders In Virginia Town

Federal Signal Corporation's Safety and Security Systems Group recently announced that the Town of Abingdon, Virginia, has deployed a Federal Signal 4.9 GHz public safety broadband wireless network to deliver mission-critical communications to police, fire and EMS personnel. In addition, the network will include 2.4 GHz access for consumers and commercial entities.

"The Town of Abingdon needed a high performance mesh network for both public safety, and consumer and commercial access. Federal Signal's solution met our mission-critical need to enhance public safety and security in our growing community," said Floyd Bailey, director of information technology for the Town of Abingdon. "With the Federal Signal network in place, our first responders can instantly synchronize key public safety databases, transport video surveillance data, manage incident scene communications and complete vital interoperable communications."

Public safety wireless broadband networks help emergency services organizations, such as police, fire and emergency medical services, to prevent or respond to incidents that harm or endanger persons or property.

"Federal Signal's public safety broadband wireless networks are part of our comprehensive offering to enable first responders to take control of vital assets and data in mission-critical situations," said Matthew B. Brady, vice president of sales for Federal Signal's Public Safety Systems Division. "We are pleased to help the Town of Abingdon enhance safety, security and well-being in their vibrant community every day."

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