United States Postal Service Chooses Diebold To Implement Nationwide Security Program

The United States Postal Service (USPS) recently announced the implementation a multi-site, technologically-advanced video security program. With more than 40,000 sites across the country, the USPS has selected Diebold Security to manage this nationwide implementation under a three-year agreement.

The contract has the potential to span more than 12 years.

According to the agreement, Diebold Security will install IPv6-compliant cameras, encoders, software and networking equipment, as well as provide education and training along with maintenance and support services at targeted USPS sites. The IPv6 platform is the next-generation Internet protocol set to replace the current IPv4 platform. USPS specifications also call for Diebold to build the new security system on an open architecture to allow for streamlined future expansion or reconfiguration.

"Our comprehensive infrastructure and technical expertise make us well-suited to efficiently execute and oversee a government project of this size and scope," said John Stroia, vice president, government solutions, Global Security Division, Diebold. "Our presence in the government security sector continues to steadily grow as we demonstrate the depth and breadth of our capabilities."

Adding an advanced level of complexity to this project is the federal government mandate for all federal agencies to migrate their network systems to IPv6. To comply, the new systems Diebold will install must be compatible with both protocols. The architecture of the new surveillance system will offer the USPS unprecedented access to high-quality video and enhanced mobility, security and network management features.

"Diebold is one of only a few security integrators with the infrastructure and technological expertise to undertake such an extensive project and deliver an integrated video security solution. The government sector is paving the way for IPv6-based networks, and Diebold is excited about the opportunity to be a participant in this cutting-edge movement," said Thomas W. Swidarski, Diebold president and CEO. "We can offer large agencies like the USPS comprehensive capabilities to ensure a smooth migration from the older platform, as well as the security know-how to ensure they are deploying the most effective video security systems available."

The USPS relies on video security to combat robberies, burglaries and other security breaches around the clock, indoors and out, making an IP-based system the ideal technology. IP-based security systems are superior to traditional analog CCTV systems because IP surveillance can be viewed remotely from any location with an Internet connection.

This allows massive organizations like the USPS to centralize security operations, with the ability to view and record activity from multiple locations. And, with digital technology, storage and management of surveillance footage is more accessible, allowing for more efficient search techniques to quickly target specific incidents and identify suspects.

Diebold is working with best-in-class security equipment providers to deliver the USPS the latest network video security technology. Throughout the length of the USPS agreement Diebold will deploy a full-time team, staffed by experts in program management, IT, quality control and other necessary disciplines to ensure successful delivery of an integrated video solution across the USPS' nationwide footprint. Diebold has provided security solutions to the USPS since 1859.

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