Panasonic Security Systems Features Line Of i-Pro Solutions

Panasonic Security Systems, a division of Panasonic System Solutions Company, is featuring its line of i-Pro network video surveillance solutions at Booth 2821 at ASIS 2008.

With the introduction of a new network video surveillance management and control solution for enterprise applications, and a growing line of cameras, NVRs and servers, Panasonic’s i-Pro Series IP video surveillance solutions deliver the edge in performance and functionality.

"Panasonic continues to add to and improve our i-Pro Series of IP-based solutions with advanced new offerings like megapixel cameras and IP management software which we are demonstrating here at ASIS," said J.M. Allain, president of Panasonic System Solutions Company. "Our growth is in line with our core objective of providing the best customer-driven end-to-end video surveillance solutions."

Leading Panasonic's new i-Pro product lineup at ASIS are:

The i-Pro WV-ASX400 management software for enterprise-level management and control. The software accommodates up to 1,024 cameras, 128 recorders and 64 decoders. Control for Panasonic cameras includes PTZ, focus, brightness, preset position call and program, auto mode, click centering and wheel zoom. Users can display live tour sequence images in a multi-screen format, or live group sequence images on several monitors. Additional features include ON/OFF mode of the OSD and playback control on the selected monitor; sequence control for tour sequence, group preset and group sequence; alarm control by recorder, camera, and encoder; and sophisticated user management encompassing user authentication, host authentication (IP address), status monitoring of equipment by SNMP or Ping and hardware.

The i-Pro WJ-GXD400 multi-channel high-definition video decoder has an HDMI video interface, browser GUI and embedded RTOS. The unit accommodates up to 256 cameras with support for tour and group sequence, camera site alarm signal and multicast/unicast for efficient network usage.

The i-Pro WV-NF302 ruggedized megapixel day/night fixed dome network camera features a 1280 x 960 megapixel image sensor with dual streaming capabilities. With a rugged heavy duty metal body, the WV-NF302’s superior image capturing features include Adaptive Black Stretch to enhance dark areas, progressive output to provide clear images of moving objects, day/night capabilities for 24-hour surveillance, and focus assist which automatically achieves the best focus. Additional features include automatically adjustable image compression to conserve bandwidth and deliver higher quality images in alarm mode, a built-in network interface, and Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Panasonic’s i-Pro WV-NP304 megapixel day/night network camera is a box camera that delivers the same levels of performance and connectivity as the WV-NF302.

The WJ-ND400 NVR provides MPEG-4 and JPEG recording, and accommodates up to 64 cameras and up to nine 1 Terabyte customizable hot-plug hard disk drives. Additional key features include: control of Panasonic cameras; flexible playback controls for audio, video, motion detection search, digital zoom; and quick IP setup for Panasonic i-Pro cameras.

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