Tips: Personal Security On Game Day

A significant amount of crime occurs at athletic events around the nation, including theft and assaults, despite increased security at a vast majority of events post-9/11.

A review of incidents, along with communications event officials nationwide, suggests that increased attention should be focused on adequate staffing and supervision, advance planning of security strategies and thoughtful emergency preparedness planning.

Athletic events at high schools and colleges attract highly emotional crowds in a competitive environment, often also further fueled by drugs or alcohol. The spectators include a mix of fans including students and alumni from both schools, parents, community members and more.

Crowd psychology tells us that some individuals who may otherwise not act aggressively in "normal," one-on-one environments may act out aggressively in a crowd. This is often attributed to the real and perceived anonymity provided by a large crowd, as well as the crowd's emotions created within the large gathering.

Universal Protection Service offers tips for personal security on game day.

  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings and Stay Alert -- if you feel uncomfortable, avoid it.
  • Act and Walk Assertively -- by using assertive body language you won't appear to be easily intimidated or vulnerable.
  • There's Safety in Numbers -- walk with another person or group.
  • Don't Tempt Thefts - don't dangle your purse. Better yet, don't carry a purse or wallet, carry only the money, credit cards and ID required; leave the jewelry at home.
  • Don't Reveal Information About Yourself -- avoid wearing clothing that reveals personal information, including jackets or shirts with your team name.
  • Don't Escalate the Situation -- if someone makes a rude remark, gesture, or makes you nervous, avoid conflict.
  • Note Emergency Exits -- be aware of the closest and best exit in case of an emergency or altercation.
  • Avoid Alcohol -- avoid alcohol and drugs, these impair your decision-making ability and increase your vulnerability to theft and other incidents.
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