Pennsylvania Police Department Updates CCTV System With IP Video Solution

Easton Police Department in Pennsylvania has become the latest police authority to adopt IndigoVision’s complete IP video solution for its in-house CCTV surveillance.

The system was installed by IndigoVision’s local approved partner, SST, using the department’s existing network. All the original analog cameras were re-used, together with a number of new IndigoVision IP domes, including vandal-resistant models. The cameras monitor all areas of the Department’s operation including booking areas, holding cells, interview rooms, parking garage and the public entrance.

Easton PD’s officers and staff use six CCTV workstations, running ‘Control Center’, IndigoVision’s IP video and alarm management software to view live and recorded video and prepare evidential footage for court.

An IndigoVision standalone NVR is used to record 30+ days of continuous full-frame rate video from all the cameras, including synchronized audio from two cameras. IndigoVision’s system now provides the department with a fully documented audit trail for the time spent at the facility by any suspect or prisoner.

Easton PD’s original CCTV was based on outdated analog/DVR equipment that couldn’t synchronize the video and audio and the video could only be viewed at the DVR.

IndigoVision’s solution provides the department with a distributed system where video can be viewed on any ‘Control Center’ workstation at any point on the network. Audio and video are fully synchronized and guaranteed to not drop frames, even at maximum frame rate -- an important benefit for law enforcement as unsynchronized video and audio is not admissible as evidence in court.

“IndigoVision’s system is a significant improvement compared to our old system and more than meets the needs of the department by providing high quality video and audio, which can be used in court for the prosecution of cases,” said Lt. Carl Scalzo from the Easton PD.

Evidential quality video can be exported from multiple cameras for use in court. IndigoVision’s ‘Incident File Player’ is a application that can run on a laptop and replay the exported video. The viewer can display fully synchronized video clips from several cameras on one screen, for example, following a suspect through the police station as they move across different cameras. Conversely, a single incident can be played back from several cameras at the same time. The ‘Incident File Player’ and ‘Control Center’ software are both license free and can be installed on as many PCs as required.

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